Cyclonic storm likely to hit Maharashtra; Uddhav Thackeray warns fishermen against venturing into the sea


Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday requested fishermen to avoid venturing into the sea as the cyclone is expected to hit the Arabian Sea. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has informed that a low-pressure area has been formed near the southeast Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep.

While addressing a press conference, he said, “In the next 2-3 days, a cyclone is expected to hit us. I request fishermen to avoid fishing in the sea for the next 3-4 days.”

Thackeray said that the government has received a complaint that beds are falling short in the hospitals.

“We receive a complaint that beds are less, I don’t deny that these complaints are false. There were some instances where we lacked beds…In our hospital, earlier we had only 3 hospitals for infection cases and now we have 2500 hospitals.

Earlier we had only 400 beds and now we have 2.5 L beds all over the state including those are in quarantine centres. Out of these, 25000 beds have oxygen facility,” he said.

The Chief Minister thanked union minister of Railway, Piyush Goyal for the trains and said that around 11 lakh migrant workers have been sent to their native places.

“Last time when I spoke about trains, Piyush Goyal Ji got angry but today I want to thank him for arranging trains. Nearly 11 lakh migrants have returned to their homes by 800 trains,” Thackeray said.

Speaking on the exam of the students, he said that the government has decided that we will take the average of semester exam and will allot mark to the students.

“The situation is not currently to take exams. Several lakhs of students will come to take the exam, distancing will be difficult so we have decided that we will take the average of semester exam and will allot marks to the students. Those who still want to sit in exam we will give them the opportunity in November or October when the situation gets advisable,” he said.

Thackeray said that he was not worried about government and no one can harm his Government.

“Now the time has come that responsibility and precautions together have to put together You(people) have taken many precautions and we have taken your responsibilities to work together and keeping our hand together if we are together, then there won’t be any danger to us even as there is no danger to this government, this government won’t collapse.” He said.

“No one can break this government, I am not much worried about my government till you are with me. No one can harm us…it is just that we have to work together. We can’t let slip our feet now…once we start something we have to carry on with that we won’t go back,” added Uddhav. (ANI)