COVID19: No Ambubachi Mela at Guwahati’s Kamakhya Devalaya this year


GUWAHATI: Amid COVID-19 crisis, the Maa Kamakhya Devalaya in Guwahati has decided not to hold Ambubachi Mela for this year. The decision was taken at a meeting of the temple management authority. However, customary rituals will be performed during the Ambubachi. Ambubachi Mela is regarded one of the major attractions for Assam tourism sec

The Ambubachi Mela which attracts lakhs of domestic and foreign tourists was scheduled to be held in the second week of June. The Kamakhya Devalaya management committee is likely to inform their decision to the deputy commissioner of Kamrup (Metro) district within a few days.

Meanwhile, the Kamakhya Devalaya management committee issued a notification on Wednesday through which, the residents of Kamakhya and the landlords of the rented houses were informed “due to the situation in the country arising out of global outbreak of Coronavirus it has been decided to hold only the religious rituals of Ambubachi Mela this year”.

“Therefore no one should make arrangement for lending house on rent for Ambubachi Mela,” the notification said.