COVID19: GMCH will be left with no beds if people don’t take it seriously, says top Doc


GUWAHATI: The COVID19 situation in Guwahati is deteriorating with each passing day. The spike in reported cases has started, though for now, it is mostly coming from people who are arriving from outside via flights and trains. Guwahati railway station and the LGBI airport are recording the most number of cases. The total COVID19 cases recorded in Assam on Thursday was 499 and Kamrup Metro’s share was 255 cases.

Talking to News Live, Prof. (Dr.) Achyut Ch. Baishya, Principal Cum Chief Superintendent, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital said, “Yesterday we had 265 patients and today we have reached 319. This number got added overnight. The rate at which it is spreading in Guwahati compared to Assam shows that the city is burdened by fifty percent of the daily reported cases.”

“It is time people got alert and started being cautious and careful. If this rate of increase continues we will be left with no beds for patients. Yes, GMCH has arranged 800 beds, but if we start getting 250-300 patients every day we will be left with no beds. In order to avoid the kind of bad situation which other states are witnessing at the moment, people of Guwahati have to be alert and cautious. People should take steps so that they don’t get infected by COVID19. They will themselves have to take care of it. People are coming out for Bihu festivities and are seen in the markets without masks and are not following social distancing and so it is getting riskier,” warned Dr. Achyut Ch. Baishya.

On verification and collecting of travel history data of the admitted patients Dr. Baishya said, “Most of the patients have a travel history.”