COVID-19: Singer Vreegu Kashyap urges people to stay safe


GUWAHATI: Singer Vreegu Kashyap has urged people to stay safe amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

“As per my knowledge on Coronavirus disease, I would like to share a few things regarding the virus. Washing hands regularly is mandatory in this situation. One should avoid public gatherings and it is better to stay at home if you don’t have any important works. There are no medicine or vaccine or antibiotics to fight the virus to date,” said Vreegu Kashyap to News Live.

“One can also use alcohol wipes to clean their hands. I use wet wipes and dry wipes to clean my hands regularly. Also, things like mobile or other such devices that we use should be cleaned on a regular basis,” said Vreegu.

The singer said that almost 173 countries across the globe are fighting this deadly disease. It can be termed as third world war as almost all countries are fighting against the disease.



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