Coronavirus doesn’t spread from broiler chicken, fish, meat: Dr. Ilias Ali


GUWAHATI: Rumours began with the notion that meat consumption in China resulted in the outbreak of Coronavirus disease. But according to health experts and government, the spread of the virus has nothing to do with the consumption of broiler chicken, fish or meat.

We checked with Padmashri Dr. Ilias Ali, Former Professor of Surgery, Gauhati Medical College, on the misinformation doing the rounds.

Speaking to News Live Dr. Ali said, “Coronavirus has created panic among people. People have stopped consuming meat and fish. I found out that broiler chicken prices have decreased to Rs. 50 but I want to inform all that the Coronavirus disease cannot spread through meat or fish.”

Dr. Ali added, “People are panicking as they are unable to find masks in the market but rather than searching for masks, one can make their own masks to protect themselves from Coronavirus disease. Folding any cloth into three folds will also work as a prevention against the disease. Such masks can also be washed and reused and it will be more helpful.”

“Sanitizers are not the only component that prevents Coronavirus disease from spreading. Washing hands properly and frequently can also stop the disease from spreading. Many people wear threads in their wrist as a religious belief, it is better to keep those things away for now. Also, cow urine is of no use in this regard. People should take preventive measures, should avoid gatherings including shopping in markets. If anyone is affected by the virus, instead of panicking they should immediately consult a doctor and if required, quarantine themselves in their home and avoid visiting markets,” Dr. Ilias Ali added.