Coronavirus: Broiler Chicken from Bengal to be stopped for some time


GUWAHATI: The Assam Government has taken many measures to stop the spread of Coronovirus disease (COVID-19) or any other contagious disease in the state. Though not a single case of COVID-19 has been confirmed yet, the state government is taking no chances.

According to sources the animal husbandry department has requested the state government to stop the import of broiler chicken from West Bengal for some time. This is to avoid spread of other diseases that come along with chicken imported from outside the state.

Though it has been stated by National Research Centre On Meat, ICAR Institute Hyderabad through a public notification that Coronavirus disease is not spread by broiler chicken the department does not want to take any chances. Checking of trucks has started in Boxirhat-Shrirampur Gate and according to a top source in the animal husbandary department efforts are being made to stop the broiler chicken from Bengal.