Congress leaders Bharat & Ranee Narah grabbed Govt land to set up tea estate: Lakhimpur MLA Manab Deka


GUWAHATI, Sep 16: Manab Deka, BJP MLA from Lakhimpur, today made a sensational allegation accusing sitting Congress MLA from Naoboicha Bharat Narah, a former minister in the past Congress government, and his wife Ranee Narah, former Union Minister of State and ex-MP from Lakhimpur, of encroaching upon government land where they opened a tea estate in Ranee Narah’s name.

Not only has the Narah couple encroached upon Government land, they also forcefully evicted a number of flood-hit families from the said land who had settled there after losing their houses and properties in successive waves of devastating floods, Manab Deka further alleged.

“Bharat Narah and his wife Ranee Narah have set up a tea estate (Ranee Narah Tea Estate) after encroaching upon government land and forcefully evicting some landless farmers where were staying there after losing their homes and properties to floods. They did this when Bharat Narah was a minister in the past Congress government,”Manab Deka alleged, and claimed that the Narah couple had also applied for possession of 128 bighas of the said land through the Mission Vasundhara portal through a person named Ajit Narah.

The BJP MLA also claimed besides the tea estate, one bighas and four kathas of the residential property of Bharat Narah at Boginadi falls under government land which he and his wife had unlawfully grabbed.

The allegations of Manab Deka were corroborated by victims who were forcefully evicted by Bharat and Ranee Narah.

The Lakhimpur legislator further dared Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi to also question the Narah couple regarding the encroachment of government land in the same manner in which he had been raising questions on the grant of central subsidy to Pride East group.