China still holding area from Tawang till Anjaw in Arunachal Pradesh since 1959


New Delhi: Welcoming India’s agreement with China for disengagement in the Pangong lake area, Ninong Ering, Congress MLA from Arunachal Pradesh pointed out that China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is still holding the area from Tawang till Anjaw since 1959 and building infrastructures.

“In 1959, when Dalai Lama came to Tawang, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) entered Arunachal Pradesh and made a deep incursion into India but had to move back due to inhospitable conditions, but China is still holding the place they moved back but have built huts from Tawang till Anjaw,” he said.

“The Chinese policy is to pressure people to live in those huts right from Tawang till Anjaw. They are strengthening the bordering area with India by developing infrastructures like roadways and railways. These houses are tactical moves by China, because if these houses stay in the area then they have more claim on the area,” he said.

“If international pressure comes from Justice forum, then they have to abide the McMahon Line, which they have accepted in 1914. Then all those huts are within McMahon Line. China had already built houses in the erstwhile North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA) region, they have now built it with concrete,” he added.

The Congress MLA said that if China is disengaging in the Pangong lake area then it is good news for the country, but he added, “Though China is saying they are disengaging, but they are going back to the area already occupied by them before. There is no loss for China.”

Former Union Minister Ering said that Centre doesn’t give much importance to North-East.
“We don’t have much representation in govt. Rameshwar Teli is just making some food parks, Kiren Rijiju looking after AYUSH. Want to tell PM that give our people important portfolios,” he added.

On February 11, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh informed Lok Sabha on the ‘situation in Eastern Ladakh’ and said the agreement for disengagement in the Pangong lake area envisaged that both sides will cease their forward deployments in “a phased, coordinated and verified manner”.

Noting that India’s firm resolve to not allow an inch of its territory to be taken by anyone had led to an agreement with China concerning disengagement from Pangong Lake area,Singh said said that “outstanding issues relating to deployment on LAC and patrolling” will figure in future talks with the neighbouring country.

“India’s strategy and approach during disengagement talks with China is based on directions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that we will not allow an inch of our territory to be taken by anyone. It is a result of our firm resolve that we have reached the situation of an agreement,” he said. (ANI)