Chennai hospital successfully performs India’s first single-stage hybrid coronary revascularization procedure


Chennai: India’s first single-stage hybrid coronary revascularization procedure was successfully performed at a private hospital in Chennai.

Speaking about the sucessful procedure, Dr Anantharaman, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, said a 54-year-old man who had visited Kauvery hospital with a history of heart attack blockages in multiple arteries and limited heart function of thirty per cent, which required immediate surgical intervention.

“Undertaking a complex procedure and enabling the patient to walk back home within a span of two to three days is a huge step in treatment and provides a lot of hope for patients with such conditions. We were able to perform this with the aid of the Hybrid Cath Lab, thereby minimizing the risks. Only a well-equipped facility can facilitate the procedure in a single stage,” Dr Anantharaman said.

Traditionally blood flow in patients with multiple coronary blockages is restored by coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG) through sternotomy (Opening Breast Bone) which requires longer recuperation time at the hospital and increased risk of infection, especially during a pandemic.

Elaborating on the surgical process, Anantharaman said, “We made a small cut (3-4 cm) on the left side of the chest through which the main bypass grafting for the left coronary artery was performed. After the successful completion of bypass surgery, its functioning was checked by angiography, which was followed by angioplasty and stenting to the right coronary artery. The same procedure was subsequently performed on two more patients Ramesh and Narmadha M, aged 70 years. All the patients were discharged within a span of three to five days and doing well.”

He further said that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was presenting a new set of challenges for patients and doctors alike.

“One main issue is that people are terrified of coming to hospitals amid this COVID-19 pandemic due to risk of infection. It is important to remember that the COVID-19 mortality rate is less than 2 per cent. But if someone has cardiac symptoms, their risk of dying is 20 per cent, or even more if they don’t get the required medical attention. I strongly appeal to all people to not ignore their cardiac symptoms and get the proper treatment,” he added.

Sanjay Chandrana, the first-ever patient of this procedure, said that he had come to the hospital after a mild pain in his chest.

“When I got the ECG done, I found out that I had had a minor heart attack and was immediately admitted to the ICU. After consulting with doctors from here and from the UK, I decided that this is the best available technology for my condition. Dr Anantraman explained the procedure and I felt that everything was going to be okay,” Chandrana said.

He added, “Right now I am very comfortable, I don’t have any issues. My diet is normal and I am able to work. Hopefully, in another 15 days, I will be perfectly fit.
I was not very concerned about COVID-19 as I was following precautions very strictly.” (ANI)