Chandrayaan-2 not the end, ISRO will pull off soft landing in near future, says K Sivan


New Delhi : Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K Sivan on Saturday said Chandrayaan-2 is not the end of the country’s efforts to land on the moon and that the organisation is working on a second landing that it will accomplish in the near future.

K Sivan said this while addressing students and faculty of IIT Delhi on their 50th convocation, where he was invited as the chief guest.

“ISRO will pull all its experience, knowledge and technical prowess to set things right and demonstrate soft landing in the near future,” the ISRO chairman said.

“And Chandrayaan-2 is not the end of the story. Our plans on Aditya L1 solar mission, human spaceflight programme are on track. A large number of advance satellite launches are planned in the coming months,” he said.

An alumnus of IIT Bombay, K Sivan said, “Fom my own personal experience, I can say that IITs are the holy grail of technical education in India. And I am sure that you all will continue the glorious tradition of Delhi as well as that of IIT-ans who have excelled in every field they have worked. (ANI)