British national distributes food to medics, policemen in Pune


Pune: Aakanksha Sadekar, a British national, has been distributing food doctors, medical students, policemen in Pune in the conditions created by COVID-19.

Sadekar, who has lived in Scotland, has also distributing food among sex workers. She has delivered tiffins to over 6,000 people till now.

She is distributing food to medical students and doctors who are away from their families and are posted in Pune hospitals.

“One day I was scrolling on Twitter and saw a tweet by a doctor who had no food after coming home as he was away from family. So I thought for a moment and decided to start helping such people. The movement started with a doctor and now I distribute food among many such doctors and medical students,” Sadekar told ANI.

“While distributing food to policemen, I was informed that the red light area women are along with the most affected community due to restrictions. So we started distributing food there,” she added.
Sadekar has been joined by several volunteers from the city. (ANI)