Breaking: TMC leader Sushmita Dev attacked in Tripura


GUWAHATI:TMC MP Sushmita Dev, who has launched the party’s campaign in Tripura for the 2023 assembly elections, has alleged that her car was attacked by BJP supporters on Friday.

Trinamool Congress leader Sushmita Dev was campaigning in a car for the ‘Tripurar Jonno Trinamool’ drive when her car was allegedly attacked by BJP suporters.

Sushmita Dev sustained physical injuries. She was taken to the Amtuli Police Station in West Tripura district where she lodged a complaint with the police.

In a statement, Trinamool Congress has said the party’s vehicles that were being used for the Tripura campaign have also been vandalised in the attack.

Apart from Sushmita Dev, some I-PAC employees who were working on the TMC’s Tripura campaign, were also attacked and their phones were taken away by the BJP workers, said the party.

Leaders of the Trinamool Congress has been frequenting Tripura over the past few months with the party looking to make inroads into the state ahead of the 2023 assembly election.

Trinamool Congress has deputed its newly elected MP for Rajya Sabha, Sushmita Dev, to look after the party’s affairs in Tripura. She announced on Thursday that the Trinamool Congress will contest the upcoming civic body elections in Tripura.

Sushmita Dev, who is overseeing the party activities in the state, said a final strategy will be formulated once the elections are declared.