Bollywood celebrities urge people to stay at home, support ‘Janta Curfew’


New Delhi: As the nationwide ‘Janta Curfew’ began in India at 7 in the morning, several Bollywood celebrities took to social media urging people to stay at home and follow the precautionary measure called-for by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Actor Riteish Deshmukh started the day by dropping a quick tweet wishing Twitter a “Good morning” and asking the users to “Stay Home, Stay healthy, Stay safe.”

Deshmukh completed the tweet with hashtags of ‘Janta curfew’ and ‘India fight corona.’
Singer Armaan Malik also urged people to stay home and tweeted, “STAY HOME & STAY SAFE. PLEASE IT’S A SINCERE REQUEST #IndiaFightsCorona.”

Actor Kartik Aaryan who recently drew appreciation for his ‘Corona stop karo na’ monlogue also tweeted, “Lets Support #JantaCurfew Today !!”

Veteran director Mahesh Bhatt shared a picture of a man standing alone in a deserted lane and wrote, “Only echoes answer me.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged people to be a part of the ‘Janta curfew’ today and said that it will add tremendous strength to the fight against COVID-19 menace.

So far, there have been 315 positive cases of coronavirus in the country. (ANI)