BJP Politician Rupesh Sawarkar: Farmers are the backbone of India


Rupesh Sawarkar, the State Executive Member of Maharashtra BJP Yuva Morcha comes out in support of farmers across Maharashtra and talks about understanding the struggles they face over the new farming laws in India.

“I belong to a family that upholds farming & agricultural activities as important as a white-collar job.” He states that the youth of our generation today find comfort in

Corporate culture and move to cities where work-life balance is the number one priority.

Recently, the BJP Yuva Morcha Leader and State Executive Member of the

Maharashtra BJYM Rupesh Sawarkar was seen plowing a field in his native land here in Maharashtra. He states that “the farmers of India are the backbone of our country and

We must do everything in our grasp to support agricultural activities.”

When asked about his contribution towards farming activities, Political leader Rupesh Sawarkar said, “It is in our family tradition to plow the nurture the land we own, not only a family tradition but a responsibility as young citizens of this country it is our obligation and duty to look after the beautiful heritage our parents have worked so hard to pass on to us.”

He also quoted, “My grandfather was a farmer, my father himself farmed on our land to grow crops and so will I, no matter how great as a person one becomes, we must never forget our family tradition and our roots. I am proud to be a farmer.” As he spoke about agricultural activities, we also observed closely how dedicated he is towards his family tradition and what a humble human he is as a person.

Apart from being the BJYM State Executive, Rupesh Sawarkar also chairs a charitable trust named Sawarkar Foundation. During the pandemic, we have seen closely how he worked tirelessly in support of many families that were affected amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

When we asked him about his views on such contributions, he said “In difficult times it is very important that we stand hand in hand with each other. No matter the outcome, we must stand united to overcome any situation. Tough times don’t last long it is only a test of time, in order to pass it successfully we must help the ones who are genuinely in need, so we can look forward to a better tomorrow.”

Sawarkar also took to social media to address his views on the difficulties faced by farmers in Maharashtra and all over India. He said, “Today we spent a day on our

Agricultural land here in Maharashtra, I understand Agriculture in Maharashtra has been a significant issue for more than a decade. However, we as the youth of this country should be proud to uphold our local heritage & culture.

Instead of recognizing farming as just another source of livelihood, it is our responsibility to trade in white-collar jobs occasionally at times, so that we can help our farmers by every means possible. As we make a smooth transition to a successful Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana in assisting farmers of our country with financial benefits, let us all join hands to make an impact one day at a time.”

Sawarkar Shelters, a Charitable trust chaired by the State Executive of Maharashtra BJYM leader Rupesh Sawarkar has come out in support of farming activities across Maharashtra and is working on creating a Philanthropic appraisal for farmers and agricultural landowners.

He stands strongly by the Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana – an initiative by the PM Narendra Modi, which is a Central Sector Scheme with 100% funding from the

Government of India. He said, “the State Government and UT administration will identify the farmer families which are eligible for support as per scheme guidelines. This will help farmers with financial support and is beneficial in the long run where no farmer goes hungry to bed as they are the hands that feed us.”