Birangana Sati Sadhini State University to be set up in Golaghat: Himanta Biswa Sarma


Guwahati:  The Assam Government has decided to set up Birangana Sati Sadhani State University at Golaghat.

At the ongoing Assam Legislative Assembly the bill was approved for the University on Wednesday.

Assam Education Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the university would be set up in memory of the last queen of the Chutia dynasty, Sati Sadhani.

“We had discussions with members of the Chutia community as to how to keep the memory of the brave Chutia queen alive and bring forth to the new generation. With much deliberations we decided on setting up a new university in the state in her name,” added Dr Sarma.

Dr. Sarma also added, “Golaghat district hasn’t had many academic institutions. Our government had earlier established an engineering college and now we have proposed to set up the Birangana Sati Sadhani State University in the district”.

“This state university will be the first to be established after the implementation of the National Education Policy. So we will adopt a multi-disciplinary approach following the objectives of the NEP”, said the Minister.