Bhumi Pednekar gets biggest ‘Jhatka’ after she failed in film school


MUMBAI: As actor Bhumi Pednekar completed five years in the industry, she shared an incident which gave her the biggest ‘Jhatka’.

The 31-year-old actor shared that she had to take a loan of Rs 13 lakh to get herself enrolled in a film school, where she failed.

“I failed film school not because I was not a good actor but because I was not disciplined enough and that was the biggest ‘jhatka’. I was like I have screwed up and I had this 13 lakh loan on my head and it’s a huge amount. I started looking for a job for survival and to protect my dream to act,” she said.

The ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ actor also shared that initially she was confused about how to get into the industry as she was an outsider to this film fraternity.
“It has been 5 years and it still feels like a dream. I am not an accidental actor and I say this time and again. This is something that I really wanted to do and I have worked really hard to be here. As I am not from a traditional film family or I really did not have any contacts or in, I was very confused at first about how to go about it,” said Pednekar.

The actor has also worked with as a casting assistant. She added, “When I was doing casting, my intent was not to gain information about if I want to be an actor. I was just observing as a film making student. I want to be a part of this world and whatever door opens wherever I go in. In fact, that is how my life has been – it is a journey of survival. I have only tried to survive through the years till Dum Laga Ke Haisha. I was lucky that I kept getting these opportunities, things kept happening one after the other and primarily from YRF.” (ANI)