Bhoot Police Review: Saif Ali Khan Steals the Show and gives audience a comedy ride


Guwahati: Given Bollywood’s poor track record, most horror films are actually funny, even if unintentionally so. Director Pavan Kirpalani who has previously made thrillers like Ragini MMS and Phobia, ventures into the tricky horror- comedy genre with Bhoot Police and surprisingly does a pretty decent job of it. It’s a precarious situation, and Bhoot Police gives us many pleasurable moments, thanks to its ability to not take itself too seriously.

The other good thing is Saif Ali Khan, who is such a natural as a skeptic who laughs at the idea of bhoot and pret atma and only sees them as lucrative means to quick cash. Khan is in his elements. He is a smart choice for a character named Vibhooti. Saif‘s Anglicized Hindi accent carries a deliberate rural touch, which disappears and reappears at whim. However, at one point when he witnesses a bhoot that actually scares him so much that he screams ‘Ghost’, it’s hilarious and only Saif can pull it off with élan.

Jagraman bhaskaram, Arogyam Setuyam” is the mantra of our two ghostbusters. They even charge GST as part of the package to banish a bhatakti aatma, that has possessed a young girl, and tell her parents to not discontinue her studies because “beti padhao beti bachao”.

While Vibhooti mocks those who believe in this andhavishwas, his brother Chiraunji is the complete opposite. Arjun’s endearing honesty is a perfect foil to Saif’s street-smartness, and both seem to get the rhythm just right. These are khandaani ghostbusters, and at one point they are even ridiculed for their lack of talent and nepotism. A “Spirit Carnival 2021” is underway, where Maya (Yami Gautam) meets Ullat Baba’s two sons and whisks them away to her Silawar Tea factory near Dharamshala. The exorcists are tasked to get rid of a dreaded Kichkandi. True to character Vibhooti makes the villagers chant “Go Kichkandi, go”!

Bhoot Police isn’t without flaws. The pleasures dwindle and the story loses steam towards the end as the makers, after mocking ghosts and spirits, must make one credible version of it. Yami Gautam and Jacqueline Fernandez are welcome additions and keep the fun going. Jacqueline making Instagram Reels while getting under everyone’s skin makes us chuckle. Javed Jaffery plays a huffing and puffing policeman and has a limited role, but is a total hoot.

Saif is solid and Bhoot Police puts us in a particularly forgiving mood where the lulls don’t ruin the whole film for us. Harmless fun is always a good idea.