Bharti group backed OneWeb launches 36 satellites, total in-orbit constellation reaches to 182 satellites


New Delhi: Bharti group backed OneWeb, the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, on Monday confirmed the successful launch of another batch of 36 satellites by Arianespace from the Vostochny Cosmodrome.

According to the statement issued by the company, the successful launch brings OneWeb’s total in-orbit constellation to 182 satellites.

“These will form part of OneWeb’s 648 LEO satellite fleet that will deliver high-speed, low-latency global connectivity, and represents 60 per cent of the constellation required to enable its connectivity solution to reach all regions north of 50 degrees latitude by June this year,” the statement said.

This was the third in a five-launch ‘Five to 50’ programme, enabling OneWeb to offer services across the United Kingdom, Alaska, Northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, the Artic Seas and Canada, and will be switched on before the end of the year. OneWeb then intends to make global service available in 2022.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OneWeb Neil Masterson, said these are exciting times at OneWeb as we get ever closer to bringing our connectivity services to some of the world’s hardest to reach places.

“With this successful launch, we are rapidly building momentum, we are launching more satellites, demonstrating the network and announcing more distribution singings around the globe. We have a world-class team and product, and alongside our supportive shareholders, OneWeb continues to work towards bringing connectivity to everyone, everywhere,” he said.

The company has recently announced distribution signings across multiple industries with more signings to be announced in the coming weeks as OneWeb expands its global capabilities. (ANI)