Beware of online job scams: Assam Police


GUWAHATI: Assam Police has urged the citizens to be alert against online job scams.

As a part of the Cyber Security Month, Assam Police has been raising awareness among the public against online frauds and misinformation.

In a recent tweet, Assam Police wrote, “Beware of Online Job Scams! Scammers often use fake job recruitment offers to steal personal and sensitive information. Be careful of job offers that request bank account information or ask for money.”

In an earlier tweet, police requested the citizens not to share unauthenticated information.

“Spot the Fake News! Never forward or share unverified information on Social Media or on the Internet without doing a basic fact check. Sharing unauthenticated information can have serious consequences,” Assam Police tweeted.

It provided tips to spot fake news as—
Beware of catchy headlines.
Look closely at the URL.
Investigate the source.
Crosscheck with official website.