Bengaluru: Autorickshaw Driver Tracks Down Woman To Return Her AirPods 


A Bengaluru woman’s social media post on recovering her Apple AirPods – misplaced in an auto rickshaw on her way to work Tuesday morning – is being widely shared online. Not only did she get the expensive item back but she did so thanks to a technology-savvy auto-rickshaw driver who tracked her down to return an item worth at least ₹15,000.

Shidika left the AirPods in the auto-rickshaw. When the driver found it he connected them to his phone to find the owner’s name, cross-checked that against recent PhonePe transactions to identify her and return the AirPods – all in just 30 minutes.

“Lost my AirPods while traveling in an auto. Half an hour later auto driver who dropped me at WeWork showed up at the entrance and gave it back to security. Apparently, he connected the AirPods to find the owner’s name and used PhonePe transactions to reach me…” she said.’

Folks on Twitter were both amused and impressed; one person commened, “Auto drivers are more tech enthusiasts then engineers or what ?? ( Especially in Bangalore).”

Others appreciated the driver’s honesty. “That’s great of the Auto guy. In case you hired it thro Ubr please let them know the honest guy and appreciate,” one person wrote.

“Sometimes I feel Bengaluru Auto drivers are more tech savvy than any of us,” another said.

“That’s crazy! it’s only right now that you give him one of the airpods,” one person wrote, to which another quipped, “They’re podmates now.”