Bangladesh-India relations have attained a new height with Prime Minister Modi: Bangladesh Foreign Minister


New Delhi: Speaking exclusively to DD News in Dhaka on Thursday, Dr. A K Abdul Momen said that Bangladesh and India have a rock-solid relationship. Ever since India helped Bangladesh in its liberation war, both the countries have remained good friends. He said that Bangladesh always remembers the sacrifice of Indians along with the Bangladeshis in its liberation war.

Talking about the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh liberation and establishment of diplomatic ties with India, Dr. Momen said that both the countries are organising several events together. Out of 18 events being held across the globe, half of them are being done by India and half by Bangladesh. 

He said that as neighbours, leadership of both the countries has great maturity. Bangladesh and India are resolving all the difficult and critical issues amicably through dialogue and discussion. He expressed hope that all the outstanding issues between the two countries will be resolved. 

Recalling his time in India in 1971, Foreign Minister Dr. Momen said that he will never forget the way common people treated Bangladeshis.

Dr. Momen said that the victory of Bangladesh in the 1971 liberation war is also the victory of India and both the countries have to work together to make it a great success.