Baghjan blowout: ERM completes assessment study prior to capping of well


Dibrugarh: After over 50 days since the blowout at the Baghjan oil well in Assam’s Tinsukia, an impact assessment study prior to the capping of the well was completed, the ERM said on Sunday.

The Environmental Resources Management (ERM) in a release said that the next phase of the study will be conducted the post-capping operation.

“Site preparation for bioremediation along the roadside from Kaliapani Bridge to Baghjan village is in progress. The recording is in progress for seismological study in the vicinity of Baghjan-5 well. The next phase of the study will be conducted post capping operation,” ERM said.

“A barricade was erected by local villagers blocking the road from the well site since afternoon yesterday. More than 200 personnel from OIL, ONGC, Alert, Schlumberger and other contractors working at the site including OIL Directors were not allowed to go out of the site after completing the day’s work yesterday. After prolonged efforts by OIL Management and District Authority, the barricade was removed but as late as at 02.30 hours this morning,” ERM added.

Oil and gas wells under Baghjan EPS are shut in since July 7, ERM said.

“There is a daily oil production loss to the tune of around 500 KL from these wells. The cumulative loss is 5185MT of Crude Oil and 17.62 MMSCM of Natural Gas in last 12 days.

Blockades in Drilling and Work Over Locations Continue: Blockade at two drilling locations and three workover locations still continues since the beginning of June,” it said.

As per a Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas release on Wednesday, “OIL had informed that while carrying out workover operations in the gas-producing well Baghjan-5 under Baghjan Oilfield in Tinsukia district, the well suddenly became active on May 27 and a blowout occurred. It led to the uncontrolled flow of gas from the well. The well caught fire on June 9.”

The well is located in the vicinity of Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and Maguri Motapung Beel, a wetland. (ANI)