Babiya, Kerala’s vegetarian crocodile of Ananthapura lake temple dies


Babiya, the vegetarian crocodile, which appeared before the devotees and blessed them by taking their offerings at Ananthapura lake temple in Majeshwaram taluk of Kasaragod district, is no more. The crocodile which attracted several devotees and visitors was found dead in the temple lake on Sunday night.

Babiya was believed to be a 75-year-old crocodile. Over the years she was a sight of curiosity for several devotees who thronged the temple to offer food. The devotees made offerings for the sake of their wishes. The temple offered food to her after the morning and afternoon pujas.

It is believed that in 1945, a British soldier shot a crocodile in the temple and within days, Babiya appeared in the temple pond.

Babiya was never a threat and obediently came out of the pond and ate the offering to the surprise of all. It received the name vegetarian crocodile, as it did not harm other organisms and fish and was believed to be surviving only with the offerings made by the people and the temple.

From time to time the crocodile comes ashore from its burrow in the lake and approached the shrine. Babiya performing ‘Darshanam’ in front of the shrine got a lot of publicity including on social media when it came out on one such occasion and it was pictured by the devotees.