B-Town react to Telangana encounter


New Delhi (India): Several Bollywood actors have endorsed the killing of four accused in the brutal gang-rape and murder of woman veterinary doctor in a police encounter in Telangana on early Friday morning.

Veteran actor Anupam Kher shared his reaction to the incident, tweeting: “Congratulations and #JaiHo to #TelenganaPolice for shooting down the four rapists, in an ‘ENCOUNTER’. Let’s go! Now all the people who have raised their voice against the perpetrators of such a crime and wanted to punish them dangerously, speak loudly with me – #JayHo.”

Shilpa Shetty hopped on to Twitter to share a detailed note on the condition of women in the country: “The position and dignity of women in our country are in dire straits… it has been so for a while now. Stepping out every day has become an ordeal for most, one that is unavoidable. As a woman, I can’t even express how disgusting it is to see the apathy towards rape victims, survivors, and their families. It is highly disappointing to regularly read the news stating that an offender/culprit has been granted bail and is out… What for? To be given another chance to commit a more heinous crime? Reading about girls of all ages being abused and the brutality involved in each case makes my skin crawl. I’m a mother to a son, but I don’t think I can bring myself close to imagining the fear that mothers of daughters feel every day.”

She further said: “#BetiBachao can’t just be relegated to a campaign. The intent isn’t enough if it can’t be put into action. I urge our authorities to enforce stricter laws that will not only deter future perpetrators but also severely punish the offenders undergoing trials. Also, expediting these proceedings is the need of the hour. Justice delayed is justice denied! Jai Hind!”

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor gave a strong reaction to the encounter as he tweeted, “Bravo Telangana Police. My congratulations!”

Bollywood ‘Queen’, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel also tweeted about the encounter as she said, ” Real men protect women and we are definitely looking at a great future where people will dread mere thought of rape or harassment of women, today my heart swells with pride the choices I made and the people I supported, this is new India, Ghar mein ghusega bhi aur marega bhi.”

Bollywood actor Pooja Hegde paid condolence to the late veterinarian as she tweeted, “Rest in peace. I hope this sends a STRONG message out to all those people who even have the THOUGHT of raping a woman.”

Esha Gupta, also took a strong stand on the encounter as she tweeted, “The police did a great job, a great example has been set by this encounter, what the courts are unable to do, they did. Justice has been delivered. Now can we please hope for the same for Nirbhaya as well? And please let’s not argue about the “human rights” or these inhuman scums.”

Vivek Oberoi also took a strong stand in respect to the incident said in an interview, “such encounters will create a wave of fear and will prevent the occurrence of such heinous crimes in the country.”

Telugu film actor Nagarjuna took to Twitter to comment on the incident, as he tweeted, “This morning I wake up to the news and JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!! #Encounter.”