Aurangabad’s student designs robot for contactless delivery of medicines to patients


Aurangabad: A seventh standard student, Sai Suresh Rangdal, has designed a robot named “Shourya” in Aurangabad for contactless delivery of medicines and food to patients.

Speaking to ANI he said, “The robot is operated by battery and can be controlled by a smartphone. It can carry items weighing up to 1 kg”.

“The aim behind designing this robot is to reduce physical contact of medical staff with coronavirus patients and hence reducing their change of contracting COVID-19. It can move forward, backward, 360 degrees right and left,” he added.

Sai’s father, Suresh told ANI that his son is into gadgets and electronics since childhood.

“Since four to five year we gifted him electronic stuff on his birthday. We bought gadgets and other items which were used to develop this robot. We did not get a few things amid the lockdown so he got very upset. Later, he decided to do something for the healthcare workers who are the most vulnerable to this virus,” said Suresh.

Suresh added that due to the unavailability of a few things, Sai utilised old gadgets to develop this robot. (ANI)