Assam’s Mising community celebrates ‘Ali Ai Ligang’ festival


Guwahati: The ethnic group of Mising in Assam celebrates ‘Ali Ai Ligang’ festival today in mark of offering prayers to God for a good harvest.

The meaning of ‘Ali Ai Ligang’, is seed sowing festival where the Mising community people depends upon agriculture for living. The community is first in welcoming the season.

This community people considers this day as a very sacred day. The people calls it a Lakshmi day.

They start to sow seeds on a hold Wednesday of the Assamese month of Phagun and celebrate this festival. The whole of Mising community starts to celebrate on the first Wednesday of Phagun.

Gumraag Soman, a tribal dance, is performed as part of the event. Usually, the community’s youth perform this dance form as a show of gratitude to Mother Earth for her abundance. Moreover, the youth enjoy the melodic ‘oi: nitom’ and folk music.