Assam witnesses rapid increase of COVID-19 cases


GUWAHATI: Assam has been witnessing a surge of COVID-19 cases with the increased number of incoming people by rail and road. The tally of the cases has been rapidly increasing in last few days. In just two days—a total of 136 cases were reported in the State on Friday and Saturday. Currently, the total count of COVID-19 cases in Assam stands at 350. With the discharge of 57 patients, the number of active cases in 286.

Assam’s first COVID-19 positive case was detected on March 31. After the detection of the first case, it took 37 days to cross the mark of 50. On May 7, the number of positive cases in the State became 53.

It took 10 days to reach the 100-mark on May 17. After that the increase of cases took a momentum in the State. The tally jumped to 203 on May 21. It means an increase of 103 cases within a span of 4 days.

As a large number of people has been returning to Assam, the State is also embracing an upsurge of positive cases. On Friday the State reported 46 cases. So far the single-day-spike took place on Saturday with 87 cases. On Saturday, 53 cases were reported together which was the highest-one-time-spike.

Assam health minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has already cautioned saying that Assam is no longer safe. He has also appealed to the people not to return to Assam if it is not necessary.

Most of the cases have been detected among the returnees from other states. On the other hand, majority of the patients are returnees from Chennai and Mumbai. Health minister Dr. Sarma stated on Saturday that most of the people travelling by buses and trucks do not adhere to social distancing norms. He also said that Assam Government would write to other states to ensure, buses and trucks carrying people without maintaining social distancing are not allowed movement.