Assam: Wild Elephants create terror at Dudhnoi


GUWAHATI: Herds of wild elephants continue to stray into human settlements in Dudhnoi, Assam. In a fresh incident of man-elephant conflict, a herd of wild tuskers has been roaming around in the Uportola New Basti area of Assam damaging several houses in the area.

The wild elephants on Monday night entered the village in search of food and water and created terror among the villagers. Wild elephants reportedly killed two pigs and dogs. The herd of elephants created havoc in the village for around five hours.

Later, the villagers informed the forest department officials and the officials had to blank fire to chase away the herd of wild elephants.

“A herd of 35-40 elephants entered our village. They destroyed 4 houses in our village. Two years back a herd destroyed many houses of our village. The wild elephants were later chased away by the Forest department officials”, said a local woman.