Assam: Two Minor Girls Missing from Lakhimpur since Feb 17


The unsettling trend of minor girls disappearances continues in Assam, echoing the recent Nunmati and Panikhaiti incident. This time, the focus is on Narayanpur in the Lakhimpur district, where two students have been missing since Saturday, raising concerns across the state.

The missing girls has been identified as Monalisa Begum (17) and Julie Begun (12) of Bihpuria neighborhood of Meramukh in Narayanpura in the Lakhimpur district of Assam.

The two minor girls left home together on Saturday, and their families have not received any information about till Monday.

The incident came into light when one of the girls contacted her parents and told them that they had fallen prey to a human trafficking’s ring in Kerala.

A police case has been initiated regarding this matter.

Authorities are urging vigilance and prompt reporting of any suspicious activities or missing persons cases to ensure the safety and security of all residents, particularly minors, in the region.