Assam: Three Coronavirus patients had meal at Goalapara Civil Hospital Canteen, claim local people


GUWAHATI: The three Coronavirus patients from Goalapara had meal at the canteen of Goalpara Civil Hospital, alleged a section of local people.  According to the local residents of Goalpara, the trio who had returned from Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi came into contact with many people and had meal at the hospital canteen.

Khabiruddin Ahmed (41), a resident of Kismatpur in Goalpara town, Sahjahan Ali Ahmed (60) of Nayapara and Yusuf Ali (18) of Bamunpara village of Matia were found Coronavirus positive. All of them are being treated at Goalpara Civil Hospital. The men went to Delhi on March 11 for Tablighi Jamaat. Yusuf, Khabir and Sahjahan arrived in Goalpara by train on March 17, 20 and 21 respectively.

All of them spent a night at the Markaz in Karbala area of Goalapara. On the other hand, besides visiting home, Khabiruddin stayed three nights at Kismatpur Jame Masjid. He came into contact with many people during that period. When the health department came to know about his travel history to Delhi he was home quarantined. Local people did not allow him to open the eatery he owned at Kismatpur.

Sahjahan Ali Ahmed of Nayapara is an employee of a private school. Sahjahan came into contact with many people as he was seen in various markets of Goalpara by the local residents. He also reportedly took part in a Janaja at Choudhry Paam village in Chaigaon area of Kamrup district.

On the other hand, after spending a night at the Markaz in Goalapara town, Yusuf Ali returned to his home at Matia by a Tata Sumo. He led a normal life with the villagers without going to quarantine.

On the other hand, a section of local people from Goalpara alleged that trio had meal at Goalpara Civil Hospital canteen which has raised a grave concern among the people.