Assam: Teachers to get 12-day special leave to learn Vipassana meditation


The Assam Education Department has approved a special 12-day leave for teachers interested in learning ‘Vipassana’ meditation.

This was announced by Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu on Tuesday (November 28).

Vipassana is an ancient Indian meditation technique focusing on the connection between mind and body through disciplined attention to physical sensations.

It aims to purify the mind, eliminating negative qualities like anger and greed, leading towards enlightenment.

Practiced widely in non-sectarian settings, often in 10-day retreats, it emphasizes self-observation and mindfulness.

Taking to X formerly Known as twitter Pegu wrote, “Any teacher willing to voluntarily participate in Vipassana course will get 12 days of leave. Because, we want our teachers to be capable of teaching our students Vipassana – to meditate, enhance attention and manage their minds positively.”