Assam: Students of NIT Silchar brutally assault kitchen staff, three injured


A shocking incident that has come to light from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar in Assam, where some students were seen assaulting three hostel cooks, abusing them and using racial slurs.

According to reports, a smartphone went missing in Hostel 4 and the students suspected kitchen staff to be involved in the act.

Three kitchen staff assaulted by the students have been identified as Rajkumar Dusad, Vicky Ree, Mona Das. They were trapped in Hostel Number 9 by some students. The video features students of NIT wearing the T-Shirts of the institution’s various activities, beating the three trapped.

The kitchen staff continuously pleaded their innocence but the mob of students did not pay any heed to them.

As seen in the video, the security guards wearing uniform stood there and paid the role of spectators, while the group of students repeatedly thrashed the three cooks with sticks, kicks and punches.

While all three were graveously injured and taken to Silchar Medical College and Hospital, two of them, Biki Ri and Mona Das were released after primary medical care, and Rajkumar Dhausad has been kept for further treatment. He is currently undergoing treatment there.

Police sources informed that an FIR has been lodged at the local Police Station and currently the cops are investigating the matter.