Assam State Zoo welcomes first mandarin ducklings


It was a double delight for Assam state zoo as the pair of Mandarin ducks brought from Mysore zoo successfully hatched three ducklings on Friday.

The population of Mandarin ducks at the zoo has seen a notable increase following the hatching, with the previous count of six Mandarin ducks, comprising three males and three females, now expanding to nine. Ashwini Kumar, the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Assam State Zoo, expressed his excitement over this development, stating, “This event marks a significant milestone as it is the first time Mandarin ducklings have hatched in the zoo.”

The zoo had acquired the pair of Mandarin ducks, consisting of one male and one female, during an animal exchange program with Chamarajendra Zoo in Mysore last year on May 16. As part of the exchange, the zoo received the pair of ducks along with striped hyenas and blackbucks in exchange for a male hoolock gibbon and a female black leopard.

According to the DFO, both the mother duck and the ducklings are in good health and are under the careful supervision of zookeepers and veterinary staff. Their diet consists of mixed vegetables along with wheat and crushed rice, ensuring their nutritional needs are met.