Assam: Raha family receives electricity bill of Rs. 70,000


GUWAHATI: In a shocking incident, a family from Raha in Nagaon district of Assam received an electricity bill of Rs. 70,000.

Speaking to News Live the guardian of the family said, “My last month’s bill was Rs. 1500 and due to some personal problems I couldn’t pay the bill, this month I received a bill of 69386 rupees. I was shocked, so I went to their office and asked them. They told me that I have been billed according to my meter reading.”

This is not the only case and such billing has happened with many other people in the area. In another case a person has been billed Rs. 16,000. The local residents said that such a huge amount of electricity bill is understood if they run heavy machines and equipment. But how can the electricity bill be so high for a house where the only devices that use electricity are a TV, 2-3 fans and 3-4 lights?  

“I pay the bills regularly. Last month my due date was on 26 January and I cleared the bill on 11 January itself. There is no pending, nothing, and this month, I received a bill of Rs. 16,000. How is it possible?” questioned another person.

“Our last month’s bill was Rs. 3135, but this month we have been billed Rs. 13,595,” said another woman.