Assam: Pregnant lady assaulted by drunk youths in Jorhat, four arrested


A heinous act in Assam’s Jorhat has come to the fore where a pregnant lady and her family have been assaulted by a group of inebriated youths.

The incident has been caught on a CCTV camera.

News Live had broken the story that how the pregnant lady and her family were physically assaulted by the youths.

The incident has been caught on a CCTV camera.

As per reports, the incident took place late at night on March 8 amid Holi celebrations. The victims were returning home to their apartment in Jorhat having celebrated Holi outside when they found the culprits – three men and a woman—were drinking at their gate drinking alcohol.

Upon finding the youths blocking their entrance to the apartment, the husband honked at them, which reportedly enraged the intoxicated youths.

In an inebriated condition, they resorted to assaulting the pregnant woman and her family and dragged the woman by her hair. 

Later on, the husband of the woman reached Lichubari Police Station in Jorhat to register a complaint. However, according to him, the police are yet to take any action in the matter.

The husband said, “The drunken woman is a resident of the apartment, while the men were outsiders. They were sitting in the middle of the road in front of the apartment and drinking when we arrived in our car. As we could not pass, I had to honk at them after which they stopped our car and started verbally abusing us. The group then went on to assault us and drag my wife by her hair. She is four months pregnant. They even struck her on her stomach. We are a family of four and we all were physically assaulted.”

Later on, the husband of the woman launched a complaint at Lichubari Police Station in Jorhat but the police were quite reluctant to take any action against the culprits.

It was only after News Live broke the story the Jorhat Police came into action and arrested the four youths that too after 4 days of registering the complaint against the culprits by the husband of the victim.

Those arrested by Jorhat Police were identified as Angshuman Dutta, Babu Phukan, Sunny Phukan and Ananya Bora.