Assam: Poultry business in tatters as Broiler Chicken prices nosedive


Guwahati: Chicken, especially broiler chicken is no longer on the primary menu of households in the state due to rumors that the novel Coronavirus disease can get transmitted through consumption of chicken. This has resulted in chicken prices coming down considerably in Assam.

A broiler chicken seller in Morigaon said that he is bound to sell broiler chicken at a price of Rs. 100 per bird irrespective of the weight.

“One kilo of broiler chicken, which sold for ₹200 two weeks ago, is now selling for ₹ 100 per bird. The latest myth that consuming chicken would lead people to suffer from Coronavirus has brought our business to ruins. This is basically affecting all the Assamese youths who are into such small scale businesses. We have been feeding our families through these poultry businesses but the present situation is taking a toll on us. If this continues we will have to work as daily wage workers to keep the house running,” said a broiler chicken seller.

 “We have heard that even restaurants are also going to be closed. It will hamper our business more. The demand will automatically go down. People are already avoiding meat and fish and if the restaurants get closure notices then the prices will also go down with no demand at all,” said another Broiler chicken seller from Fancy Bazar.

Another buyer in Fancy Bazar said, “We know that it’s a myth that Coronavirus can get transmitted through consumption of chicken. But still we are avoiding it because of hygiene and other health conditions. We don’t want to take any risk though the government has taken measures to prevent us from this disease. We should try to maintain a healthy and hygienic food habit”.