Assam: People of Hailakandi seeks solution for drinking water crisis and rail connectivity


Hailakandi is reeling under a severe drinking water crisis for past the few years but it seems the Government changes in its own circle but the crisis remains unchanged.

The drinking water crisis of the Urban and Municipality area of Hailakandi has reached its peak now and people are struggling for clean and safe drinking water. 

Even after 75 long years of India’s Independence, the people of Hailakandi are facing such an issue.

DASUS (Dakhin Assam Samajik Unnoyon Songstha) a socio-economic organization of Hailakandi has now come up to take the matter to the higher authorities.

Speaking to the media, DASUS said that the drinking water crisis of Hailakandi is somewhat orchestrated by poor management of water distribution and supply of the PHE department of Hailakandi.

In their memorandum to the Executive Engineer of PHE Hailakandi, they have highlighted that there is no accurate timing distribution of water supply in various wards of Hailakandi. Somedays the water supply come at 7:00 AM, the next day it may come at 8:00 AM & day after that day water supply may come at 3:00 PM.

Even the water distribution is also stopped for a time period of 2-3 days which further worsens the situation. They demanded an immediate resolution of this crisis.

DASUS recently met with the MLA of Hailakandi Zakir Hussian Laskar and appraised him of the worsening drinking water crisis of Hailakandi.

Based on this complaint, MLA raised the issue in the current budget session of the Assam Assembly which was further taken up by the concerned Minister of State, Sri Pijuysh Hazarika where he assured a project has been undertaken to solve the drinking water crisis of Hailakandi. DASUS hopes the answer from PHE minister of Assam would get implemented in a time-bound manner and the People of Hailakandi can be given immediate relief from this issue.

In another separate demand, DASUS met with MP of Karimganj, Shri Kripa Nath Mallah and demanded that the Bairabi- Katakhal lines have been upgraded fully from MG to BG but still there is only one train that runs from Bairabi & Silchar.

Since Indian Independence Hailakandi district had no direct connectivity with National Capital Delhi or State Capital Guwahati. This connectivity issue had remained one of the major blockers to the socioeconomic development of the Hailakandi District.

Thus People of this district are forced to pay a higher sum of money to reach to the nearest railway station Badarpur with their luggage and belongings. A direct train between Hailakandi and Guwahati or Delhi is the need of the hour and DASUS demanded immediate intervention of MP Sri Mallah in this regard so that this legitimate requirement for boosting the connectivity issue of Hailakandi is addressed at the highest priority.