Assam: One Irani Gang member inured In Firing With Police In Guwahati


Guwahati: In another incident of police firing, a member of the notorious Irani Gang was ‘grievously injured’ when Assam Police personnel opened fire at him as he allegedly tried to escape.

The injured member of the Irani Group has been identified as Amar Gowala. 

During the police firing, Gowala got injured and was shifted to the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital for treatment.

He was involved in the money robbery case of Guwahati Municipal Corporation. 

A few days ago, a group of four people from Jharkhand looted Rs. 3 lakh 35 thousand by showing a toy pistol from a GMC employee near Dispur Supermarket in Guwahati.

The four people came on two bikes and looted the employee in broad day light. 

According to Guwahati Police, Gowala was one of the the accused involved in the loot case. He was arrested on Friday. 

Meanwhile, the police is in search of the absconding associates of Gowala.