Assam: MLA Ramakanta Dewri seeks apology for communal remarks against Brahmins


GUWAHATI: Assam’s Morigaon MLA Ramakanta Dewri sought apology from the Brahmins community for his communal remarks which sparked outrage across the state. Dewri said that he used such abusive words out of emotion.

“At a press meet, AASU workers criticised me at personal level. So I became emotional. They belonged to the Brahmin community. So I attacked them. I shouldn’t have mentioned the Brahmin community. I seek apology ffrom the Brahmin community for the mistake,” said the MLA.

He stated that AASU leaders Utpal Sarma and Himangshu Mahanta have been repeatedly speaking against him which made him emotional.

The BJP MLA made communal comments against the Brahmins and threatened them to cut into pieces at a public meeting in Morigaon.

“..Beggars Brahmins, shameless. You are not ashamed? I am not a beggar like you. Mahantas and Gosais used us. They brought our tribes to the roads and shot dead and they are behaving like kings today. Now I will behead them, cut into pieces,” the legislator said during his speech.

MLA Dewri made the abusive comments against these communities while he was criticizing the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU).

“They attacked the houses of BJP MLAs while protesting against the CAA. They pelted stones at us. But they did not do so at houses of Congress leaders. The AASU wanted to attack my residence, “ Ramakanta said.  

The insensitive remarks of Dewri drew outrage and condemnation from different quarters of the society.

“I condemn the offensive remarks of the Morigaon MLA. As a representative of the people, he should maintain a minimum level of decency. He should apologise,” said satradhikar of Aauniaati Satra in Majuli.

“It’s an offence to make such comments against the Brahmins. It is condemnable act,” said secretary of Morigaon District Brahman Samaj.

“Dewri should apologise. He didn’t only abuse the Brahmins, also Mahantas,” said another member of the Samaj.