Assam: Leopard gets locked inside chicken coop in Sonari


GUWAHATI: In a freak incident, a leopard got locked inside a family’s hen coop in a village in Sonari, Assam. The wild animal in search of food might have entered and coop and was locked by a family member unknowingly.

In the morning hours the family could hear the hens making noise and thought something must have happened. When they went near the coop to check they could hear the roar of the leopard. That alarmed everyone and quickly villagers reached the spot. The door of the coop was then secured by the residents.

“My son had locked the hen coop in the evening at around 8-8:30 PM. He did not check inside and so might not have seen it. The leopard must have entered before and stayed silent. In the morning, we could hear roar and realized that the animal was inside. We have informed the forest department and they are trying to resolve the problem,” said the farmer.

The Assam forest department personnel are trying to rescue the animal.