Assam Govt to spend up to Rs 20,000 on each quarantined person


GUWAHATI: The Assam Government has adopted ‘Ruthless quarantine, with human heart’ to contain the spread of COVID-19.  Therefore, the government has decided to spend Rs. 20,000 on each quarantined person to provide them best possible care.

Addressing a press meet in Guwahati Assam health minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma said that during institutional quarantine, an amount of Rs. 500 will be spent on the person’s food every day for seven days. Those quarantined in hotel rooms will be allowed a rent of up to Rs 2,000. Deputy Commissioners (DC) have been allowed to rent a room up to Rs. 2,000 for a person.

Besides, a one-time allowance of Rs. 500 will be provided to buy essentials such as soap, sanitizers etc. Also, to buy commodities during the seven-day home quarantine, the government will provide Rs 2,000.

Committees have been formed at village level to monitor the home quarantine of people. In the city, the committee will be led by the OCs.

Unless a district crosses the 200 active cases mark, it will be not be categorized under any zone, the Minister said.

“We have adopted containment and buffer zone policy. We do not want to disturb the economic activity of the entire district. Instead, we want to attack the specific target,” minister Sarma said.