Assam govt to conduct survey to identify indigenous Muslims in state


Guwahati: The Assam government is planning to conduct a survey to identify the indigenous Muslim population of the state in order to segregate them from illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

“In the state budget of 2019-20, Rs 100 crore was earmarked for Indigenous Muslim Development Corporation. A survey will be conducted to identify the people from Goria, Moria, Desi and Jola of the tea tribe community of the state, who are considered to be indigenous,” Ranjit Kumar Dutta, state minister told reporters here.

“This is a sensitive matter. There will be no entry of Bangladeshi origin people in this survey. We will come to know about the indigenous Muslims in this survey,” he added.
He further said that this is not a political agenda of BJP but a long-standing commitment of the party.

“This census is very important because there is a huge number of Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam which is about 19 lakhs. Indigenous Muslims is roughly about 14 lakhs. This is a good step made by the government to identify indigenous Muslims in the state,” Muminul Aowal, Assam Minority Development Board chairman said.

Meanwhile, Congress state president Ripun Bora alleged that this survey is an eyewash which is being conducted by the government.

The Assam government called a meeting today regarding the socio-economic census of indigenous Muslims of the state. (ANI)