Assam gets ready for Uruka feast, Bhogali Bihu


GUWAHATI, Jan 14: People of Assam are preparing for tonight’s Uruka feast as people thronged fish markets from early morning hours to get their Chitols, Rou, Bhokua, Ari and other varieties for the community gatherings.

Giant fishes of different varieties are the centre of attractions in various markets across the state.

Apart from fishes, markets selling meat, vegetables and Bihu delicacies also received a never-ending stream of visitors with people in no mood to compromise with their preparations for Uruka and Bhogali or Magh Bihu.

“I have bought a chitol. Prices are a bit on the higher side but what can you do. It’s Uruka tonight and we are planning to have a sumptuous feast with our family and friends,” Jinti Chakraborty, a resident of Guwahati’s Chandmari locality, told News Live at the Uzan Bazaar fish market.

Bhogali Melas also received tremendous response from the people with many people, especially working women, making their necessary purchase of pithas and larus from them.

Curd, cream, sira and akhoi disappeared from the shelves in minutes.

“Sales have been good. People are purchasing Bihu delicacies in good numbers. After all it’s Bhogali Bihu,” Dipen Talukdar, who had put up a stall in one of the Bhogali Melas, said.