Assam: Former Sahitya Sabha presidents favour formation of new party, want AASU to take initiative


GUWAHATI, Dec 31: Former Asom Sahitya Sabha presidents Dr Nagen Saikia and Dr Lakhinandan Bora have favoured the formation of a new regional political party in Assam. Speaking to News Live, Dr Nagen Saikia said there is an urgent need for a new regional political party considering the present socio-political developments.

“There is a need for a new regional party in Assam. A selection committee comprising eminent personalities, including retired Supreme Court and High Court justices, former governers, educationists, former CEC, retired IAS and IPS officers, should be formed within the next three months,” Dr Saikia said, adding that they might not become members of the party but will act as advisers in choosing potential leaders.

“The AASU should take the initiative and leaders like AASU adviser Samujjal Bhattacharya should pitch in since he can mobilise people and drum up support,” he added.

“Who goes on to become leaders will be decided by this advisory body. The new regional party shouldn’t be like the AGP,” Dr Saikia further said.


Similar sentiments were echoed by Dr Lakhinandan Bora who also supported the formation of a committee comprising AASU leaders.

“I feel there is a need for a new regional party in Assam. A committee should first be formed with eminent personalities and should also include leaders of the AASU. The committee should decide who becomes leaders,” Dr Bora said.