Assam facing acute problems of erosion


Even as monsoons have passed by, erosion has become a big problem in Assam. Several parts of the state are facing acute problems of erosion with huge amounts of land masses being gobbled up by rivers.

Heavy erosion in Baghbor by the Brahmaputra river is causing havoc among people. Heavy erosion by the Brahmaputra has gobbled large amounts of land masses which have resulted in about 50 families losing their homes.

Hundreds of bighas of farmlands have also been lost to erosion. No visible steps have been taken by the authorities to combat erosion so far. Locals appealed to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, erosion is also posing a major problem in Assam’s Jonai. The Brahmaputra river has caused heavy erosion in the Sereng Siri village where several families have lost their houses to the raging waters of the river.

While embankments were constructed two years ago to combat erosion, they have yielded no results and erosion continues to be a major issue. Repeated appeals to the authorities for help have yielded no results.