Assam Doctor Performs Early C-section; Stitches Back Pregnant Woman As Baby Was Premature


In a shocking incident from Assam, a doctor has been accused of performing an early Caesarean (C-section) on a pregnant woman, three months before her due date.

As reported by the media, the incident took place in the Karimganj district of Assam where the operation was carried out by the doctor last week, however, after realizing that the baby was premature, the doctor stitched back the cut and admitted her to the hospital. 

According to local media reports, following the C-section, the woman was kept in the hospital for around 11 days following which she was discharged on August 31. The operation was performed at the Karimganj Civil Hospital by Dr. A K Biswas.

The six-month pregnant woman identified as Navy Namasudra was admitted to the hospital after suffering from severe pain. Notably, she is to deliver in the month of December.

Following the operation, the condition of the woman after being discharged from the hospital started to deteriorate following which local people gathered outside the hospital and started protesting against the doctor. The Karimganj Police were also informed about the matter, who later arrived and took the situation under control.