Assam designer Sanjukta Dutta stuns at Milan Fashion Week 2024 with ‘KOHUA – KOMAL’ collection


In the ethereal realm of fashion, where creativity intertwines with tradition, the illustrious designer, Sanjukta Dutta, unveiled her latest collection, “KOHUA – KOMAL,” at the prestigious Milan Fashion Week.

Radiating with the resplendent allure of Assam’s silk, her collection captivated the discerning eyes of luminaries gracing the event, including the esteemed T Ajungla Jamir, Consul General of India in Milan, and Luciano Pettoello Mantovani, Secretary General of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy, alongside the esteemed presence of Divya Singh, Special Projects Manager/India Marketing Manager of the TOD’s Group, and other notable expatriates of Indian origin, all immersed in the grandeur of her craftsmanship.

Sanjukta Dutta’s sartorial mastery transcends mere attire, embodying a timeless fusion of classical Indian aesthetics harmonized with contemporary nuances, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the artisanal heritage of her homeland.

Each resplendent ensemble, meticulously handcrafted for no less than twenty-five days, whispers tales of tradition, woven into every intricate thread.

From the iconic Mekhela Chador to the resplendent Structured Sarees, from the flowing elegance of Gowns to the graceful allure of draped skirts and the fusion charm of Indo-Western Lehengas, her collection casts a spell of femininity and grace, enchanting women from every walk of life.

Enthralled by the spectacle, T Ajungla Jamir shared her admiration, expressing, “Thank you sincerely for the gracious invitation to join this remarkable show. It brings me great joy and pride to be in your company, enhancing the splendor of this occasion. The show’s remarkable success, coupled with the elegance of the models’ attire, truly captivated my heart. The enthusiastic response from the audience only adds to its brilliance.”

“Furthermore, as a fellow North Easterner, I am thrilled to witness Assam’s representation in the prestigious Milan Fashion Week, a globally renowned event. Your participation in this, alongside your achievements in Paris and New York Fashion Weeks, fills me with immense pride. Congratulations once again, Sanjukta, and may your journey continue to shine brightly on the world stage,” T Ajungla Jamir said.

Sanjukta Dutta, humbled by the acclaim, remarked, “To witness the Assam Handloom grace the illustrious stage of the Milan Fashion Week is nothing short of a reverie fulfilled. It is a privilege for me and my artisans to witness our labor of love embraced on a global platform. With every stitch, I aspire to ignite the spirit of self-discovery through fashion, ensuring that the legacy of Indian craftsmanship continues to shine brightly across continents.”

As the curtains draw on yet another chapter of sartorial excellence, Sanjukta Dutta’s legacy continues to weave its indelible mark on the fabric of fashion, illuminating paths of self-expression and cultural celebration with every creation