Assam CM launches online driving license renewal, duplicate license service


Guwahati:  Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday launched the Online Contactless Driving License Renewal and Duplicate Driving License Service in Guwahati.

Speaking at the launch event CM Sarma said that  earlier going to the DTO office for learners license consumes the entire day due to the distance. This leads to reluctance among people and they tend to use others means to get the work done.

“If there is a technological solution.. If it can be done anytime and if the can be given the assurance that the government and services are available to them 24*7 365 days, then it leads to change and it is about management of time”, he added.

He further said that a survey was carried at the state  Secretariat through which it was found that most of the people do not go there to carry out the work rather they get it done by others or third party.

Talking about the benefits of online service, the Chief Minister said, “In the past two months, nearly 1.35 lakhs driving licenses have been issued. The government earn revenue. Another benefit is that, time has been saved which can be invested in some other crucial work”