Assam Budget 2024 Live Updates: Ajanta Neog presents state budget


Assam Finance Minister Ajanta Neo is presenting State Budget 2024 in Assam Legislative Assembly. The state budget as it comes just ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections. 

This is Ajanta Neog’s fourth state Budget. The full-fledged budget will be presented by the new government that comes to power after the elections. 

Budget 2024 Live: Ajanta Neog’s Budget Speech

Speaker Sir, invoking the Janakalyan Shanti Mantra of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I rise today to present, to you and the Hon’ble House, the Annual Financial Statement encompassing all Receipts and Expenditure for the year 2024-25. Our endeavour is to reflect the essence of this Mantra in the entire budget.

This is my fourth budget under the leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma. We started our journey with the aim of building a prosperous, confident and self-reliant Assam with the ultimate objective sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas, sabka prayaas.

It gives me absolute joy and pride to apprise the august House that 80.36 lakh people in Assam have been uplifted from the poverty in the last nine years as per NITI Aayog report on Multi-Dimensional poverty Index.There is a massive decline of poverty head count ratio which has plummeted from 36.97% in 2013-14 to 14.47% in 2022-23.

  • With this positive note, I would like to thank Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, for introducing the concept of ‘Amrit Kaal‘ to the consciousness of the people on the 75th Independence Day of the country. Amrit Kaal is Modiji’s dream of building a ‘New India’. The Hon’ble Prime Minister has named the 25 year period between the India’s 75th and 100th Independence Day as ‘Amrit Kaal’.
  • The period of Amrit Kaal will prepare us to transform India into a developed and prosperous country by 2047. The Amrit dream is to revamp and restructure all sectors of the Indian economy in the next 25 years by way of rapid growth, better living conditions, strengthening of technological and infrastructural foundations and restoring the world’s confidence in the Indian economy. I express my deep gratitude to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for his unwavering support to build a prosperous Assam.
  • A peaceful environment and a robust economic foundation act as catalysts to propel a state on its growth trajectory. Here, I would like to thank Hon’ble Union Home Minister, Shri Amit Shah for his commitment towards sustaining peace in the State.
  • I express my gratitude to the Hon’ble Union Finance Minister, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman for her continuous support towards the State’s economic development.
  • Our Government, led by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has taken strong steps for the comprehensive development of the state by ensuring cultural, political, and social security of the people of Assam and by undertaking various developmental activities, welfare initiatives and most importantly by controlling crime.
  • With the goal of securing Assam’s position among the top five states in the country, the Hon’ble Chief Minister has announced that we will continue our journey of development to ensure every single citizen of Assam has access to government development schemes.
  • I would like to extend my best wishes and heartfelt gratitude to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, for his strong and relentless efforts for overall development of the state.
  • The experience gained by the State Administration in the past three years has been very inspiring. This experience has given us the courage to move forward with more confidence for the overall growth and progress of the state.
  • As we can see, strengthened by the public participation, the Government and the society are making rapid strides towards development. Increased public participation from all sections of the society serves as a source of endless inspiration for our Government.
  • In this development journey, the main motto of our government is to build a self-reliant Assam. Our triumphs and achievements of the recent past have inspired us to build the foundation of an Atmanirbhar Assam. A document that stands testament to this inspiration is the budget that I am presenting today. This budget reflects the hopes and expectations of a confident and self-reliant Assam. With this spirit and reflection, I want to dive deeper into the Budget.

Three Years of People’s Trust

  1. Honourable Speaker Sir, the last three year period has witnessed solid progress in all important aspects of the growth and progress of Assam. The State has scaled new heights in consolidation of peace, innovative governance, core infrastructure  development,   social infrastructure and empowerment, and cultural renaissance. In this regard, achievements and progress of important development programmes of our Government have already been highlighted in the speech of the Hon’ble Governor in this august House on 5th February 2024.

Economic Outlook

Despite the negative impact of Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020, the economy of India recovered exponentially afterwards and reached a GDP of $3.7 trillion in the year 2023. We feel proud that India is, now, the fifth largest economy in the world. With the current growth rates, it is expected to hit the $ 5 trillion mark by the end of 2027.

Among the five largest economies in the world, India carries the highest projected growth rate in terms of GDP at current prices. However, as per the World Economic Outlook (October, 2023), the global growth is expected to slow down from 3.0 percent in 2023 to 2.9 percent in 2024.

As per projected estimate, the State GDP at current prices for the year 2024-25 is expected to touch Rs. 6.43 lakh crore. This is more than 150% increase over the GSDP of Rs. 2.54 lakh crore for the year 2016-17.

As per the advance estimates, the nominal GSDP for Assam at current prices for 2023-24 (AE) is likely to reach Rs. 5.70 lakh crore, as against Rs. 4.93 lakh crore in 2022-23 (QE) reflecting a growth of 15.6 per cent over the preceding year. The real GSDP for Assam at constant prices for the year 2023-24 is likely to attain a level of Rs 3.19 lakh crore as against Rs 3.01 lakh crore in the year 2022-23(QE) reflecting a growth of 5.9 per cent over the preceding year.

Speaker Sir, it is very encouraging to note that the State of Assam is growing faster than the national growth. The nominal economic growth of Assam is estimated to be 19.9 per cent in the year 2022- 23(QE) as compared to 16.1 per cent growth at the national level.

I am also happy to inform the House that the contribution of State’s economy to the national economy has also been increasing. At current prices, the contribution of GSDP of Assam has recorded a rise from 1.65 percent in financial year 2016-17 to 1.81 percent in the financial year 2022-23 (QE). At constant (2011-12) prices also, the State’s contribution to national GDP has increased from 1.64 percent to 1.87 percent during the same period.

    Similarly, the State is fast catching up in its per capita income and it has almost more than doubled within last 7 years by 2023-24. The per capita income of the State at current prices for the FY 2022-23 is Rs. 1,20,336, as compared to Rs. 66,330 in 2016-17. This is estimated to reach Rs.1,35,787 in 2023-24.

    Summary of GSDP Estimates and Per Capita Income

    Financial YearGSDP    (at    Current Prices)Per             Capita Income
    2016-17Rs 2.54 lakh croreRs 66,330
    2022-23 (QE)Rs 4.93 lakh croreRs 1,20,336
    2023-24 (AE)Rs 5.70 lakh croreRs 1,35,787
    2024-25Rs 6.43 lakh croreEstimates will be available        next year

    Deepening Fiscal Capacity

    • Speaker Sir, the budgetary expenditure has increased to Rs.1,27,283 crore in financial year 2022-23 against Rs.41,931 crore in financial year 2015-16. Notably, Capital Expenditure has increased from Rs.2951 crore in financial year 2015-16 to Rs.16,338 crore in financial year 2022-23
    • Assam has successfully tapped Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) and Externally Aided Projects (EAP) for earmarked Capital projects. The funds mobilised for Capital Expenditure under RIDF and EAP have shown an overall increase of 177 % and 437% in the last five years respectively. The graphical representation of the same is as below:
    The graphical representation of the above data
    • At present, there are 18 ongoing and 8 pipeline EAPs with total project cost of Rs.37,700 crore and Rs.20,364 crore respectively in the State. With total projects worth Rs.58,064 crore, Assam stands asone of the biggest beneficiaries of EAPs. The list of these Projects is at Annexure A & B.
    • Due to  increase  in our capacities  and  better coordination at different levels, Government of Assam has benefitted greatly from Scheme for Special  Assistance to  States  for Capital.
    • Investment(SASCI), 50-years interest free loan from Government of India in the last four years.   Release of funds to Assam under the Scheme has soared by more than 10 times in last 4 years.
    YearAmount received under SASCI (in crore)
    2023-24 (upto 08-02-24)4,656
    • This unprecedented enhancement in pace of capital expenditure in Assam can be attributed to creating Global Head for Education, Building, Health, Home department and Roads under Public Works Department Budget. This ensured adequate Budget availability and early sanction/release of funds for Projects. Coupled with it, new financial architecture- creation of committee under Additional Chief Secretary ranked officials for providing concurrence for SOPD Schemes, more Delegation of Financial Powers to administrative departments and directorates has given a big push to overall Budgetary utilization.
    • Alongwith it, Procurement Reforms have improved quality of governmental expenditure. Value of tenders published under e-Procurement has swelled up from Rs.9100 crore in financial year 2017-18 to Rs.41,800 crore in financial year 2022-23. Procurement on Government e-Market place has seen an upsurge from Rs.176 crore in financial year 2020-21 to more than Rs.1532 crore in financial year 23-24 (till January).
    • Another significant achievement is introduction of Digital Infrastructure for Direct Benefit Transfer Schemes (DIDS) module. DIDS is a high-end digital platform developed to implement DBT schemes in ‘plug and play’ mode. Any department today may directly launch and implement DBT schemes with ease, which would drastically reduce the administrative cost of the schemes and would ensure ‘end-to-end’ digitization of the schemes. After on boarding Orunodoi on DIDS platform,1.65 lakh duplicate beneficiaries were eliminated and it further minimized  verification time and benefits disbursement period.
    • This year our focus is to have a realistic Budget – the Budget that fulfils real aspirations of citizens of this State on one hand and avoids inflated figures on the other. Our efforts would be to have full utilization of Budgetary allocation by all the Departments. Another feature of realistic Budget would be laying more emphasis on enhancing own source revenue in coming years, through slew of reforms.
    • With this positive economic outlook, I am happy to announce some new innovative flagship programmes in the current budget apart from consolidation and improving the ongoing flagship schemes under Astadash Mukutor Unnoyonee Mala.

    Flagship Schemes

    • Speaker Sir, inspired by the 18 Chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, the Astadash Mukutor Unnoyonee Mala was conceptualized by then Hon’ble Finance Minister and our beloved Hon’ble Chief Minister, Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma in 2017-18. These 18 Schemes are dynamic in nature. Some of the completely new and innovative and others have been improved as per the changing needs of our society.

    I.  Mukhya Mantri Nijut Moina (MMNM)

    • 10 lakh girls (one million- Nijut Moina) will be supported with financial grant as admission incentive to continue their education to higher secondary, graduation and post-graduation studies.
    • This is to bolster Government’s Mission to eliminate child marriages. Apart from punitive and regulatory measures, we need to empower girl child to decide about when to marry.
    • If ten lakh girl children are encouraged to study till graduation and post-graduation, this would also increase the percentage of girls educated beyond Matriculation.
    • They will be eligible for this benefit only if they study in any government college/education institution. Secondly, the girls married are not eligible for this benefit.An admission incentive of Rs.10,000 will be paid to each of the girl student who joins in Class Eleven.Similarly, Rs. 12,500 will be paid to those girls who join graduation first year.For a girl student who joins in the first year of post- graduation course shall get an admission incentive of Rs. 15,000.This is in addition to the existing benefits like free admission, provision of scooty, etc as applicable.
      • I propose to set apart Rs. 240 crore towards this scheme in this budget.

    II.  Mukhya Mantri Mahila Udyamita Abhiyaan

    • Mukhya Mantri Mahila Udyamita Abhiyaan, an ambitious mission aimed at promoting entrepreneurial spirit of our women.
    • Our Government’s twin objectives are to strengthen income of our women entrepreneurs and also to establish them as business entrepreneurs in Amrit Kaal.
    • We will provide an entrepreneurship fund of Rs. 10,000 to each one of 39,67,743 women members of Self-Help Groups in the rural areas, subject to certain conditions, throughout the State.
    • Once they avail this benefit, we commit to facilitate a bank loan of minimum of Rs. 25,000 to each beneficiary. Furthermore, upon the prudent utilization and timely repayment of the loan amount, a capital subsidy of Rs. 12,500 will be provided to the beneficiary.
    • Thus, each beneficiary would get a minimum of Rs. 47,500 as grant, subsidy and loan together.The distribution of application forms to the SHG members for availing the same has already been started.
    • I am glad to announce that we shall extend the implementation of this scheme in urban areas also as Mukhyamantri Mahila Udyamita Abhiyaan- Nogoria covering approximately 2.5 lakh SHG members.
      • I allocate adequate resources for the successful implementation of this scheme.

    III.  Orunodoi 2.0 – Expanding and More Inclusive

    • In keeping with our pledge from the previous year, Orunodoi 2.0 has been introduced statewide to guarantee that the benefits of the program extend to transgender and divyangjan individuals in addition to the State’s antyodaya women.
    • Today, Orunodoi also includes households with individuals who have dwarfism or who suffers from conditions like cerebral palsy, thalassemia, haemophilia, leprosy, or autism spectrum disorder.
    • Scheme coverage has expanded to more than 27 lakhs beneficiaries today. They have been receiving Rs. 1250 each on the 10th day of every month directly in their bank accounts.
    • Speaker sir, it’s my privilege to announce today that our Government has decided to include 2.5 lakh additional beneficiaries under this Scheme this year, taking total reach of Orunodoi to more than 30 lakh households in the state.Further, Government will attempt to provide Orunodoi Poriyal saturation under National Food Security Act (NFSA) by integrating the ration cards with Orunodoi on pilot basis in the districts of Charaideo and Biswanath.In order to ensure Ease of living for these needy, Government will consider providing Orunodoi Beneficiaries insurance coverage under two Schemes –Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY).
    • I am earmarking Rs. 3800 crore for this scheme in this budget.

    IV.   Assam    Micro    Finance    Incentive    and    Relief Scheme – Category III

    • It gives me immense pleasure to apprise this House that fulfilling our promise, under Category I, II and III (Phase-1) of the Assam Micro Finance Incentive and Relief Scheme, around 12 lakh borrowers have received assistance totalling Rs. 2,081 crore.
      Financial Year  Category  No.of borrowersAmount Disbursed (in Rs. crore)
      2023-24III (Phase-I) upto Rs. 25000  2,22,949  291
    • This year, we will extend support to those poor women borrowers under category-III, whose accounts have become non-performing assets as on 31st March 2021 and have an outstanding principal amount from Rs. 25,001 up to Rs. 50,000.
      • I allocate a sum of Rs. 550 crore for this scheme during the Financial Year 2024-25.

    V.   Chief Minister’s Atmanirbhar Assam Abhijan –

    • Mahoday, last year I announced Mukhya Mantri Sva-Niyojan Mission as a flagship scheme.
      •   It received tremendous response and about 1,04,000 youth applied and submitted detailed project reports. Selection process shall commence from this February month itself.
      • Micro-entrepreneurs will receive Rs. 2 lakh and Rs.

    5 lakh in instalments, as a combination of government grant plus interest free government loan. Interest free government loan to be paid back after a period of 5 years starting from the 61st month in 60 equal instalments. There will be training and mentorship in various sectors including Trading, Manufacturing, Service, Food processing, Handloom, Handicraft, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fishery, and Dairy etc.

    • Rs. 1010 crore will be spent for this purpose from under Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojna (CMSGUY).

    VI.  One lakh plus jobs:

    • Speaker sir, our Government boldly announced that we shall provide one lakh Government job to our boys and girls. We feel proud to state that we have successfully completed recruitment of 94,506 youths till January 2024.
    • The details are given below.
    Appointments made in the year 2021 (since May)4,779
    Appointments made in year 202235,130
    Appointments made in year 202353,648
    Selected in January 2024949
    Total Appointments94,506

    Department wise details – 2022, 2023 and 2024

    Sl. No.Department NameNo. of Appointments
    1.Home & Political Department20,285
    2.Public Health Engineering Department338
    3.Water Resources Department174
    4.Social Welfare Department69
    5.Health & Family Welfare Department9,710
    6.Agriculture Department266
    7.Environment & Forest Department56
    8.Public Words Department552
    9.Mines & Mineral Department2
    10.Labour Welfare Department17
    11.School Education Department22,627
    12.Higher Education Department1,091
    13.School and Higher Education Department318
    14.Panchayat & Rural Development Department495
    16.Skill, Employment &24
     Entrepreneurship Department 
    17.Veterinary & Animal Husbandry188
    18.Sports & Youth Welfare148
    19.Transformation & Development Department11
    20.Tourism Department6
    21.Handloom & Textiles Department6
    22.Women & Child Development4
    23.Information Technology Department4
    24.Transport Department25
    25.Fisheries Department35
    26.Cooperation Department2
    27.Housing & Urban Affairs Department1
    28.Industry, Commerce and Public Enterprises Department14
    29.Information & Public Relations Department1
    30.General Administration Department173
    31.Department of Medical Education and Research236
    32.Soil Conservation Department27
    33.Social Justice & Empowerment Department362
    34.ACS and Allied Services1,498
    35.Candidates recommended by State Level Recruitment Commission for Grade-III and Grade-IV25,708
    36.Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council699
    37.Bodoland Territorial Council2,578
    38.N.C. Hills Autonomous Council579
    39.Assam Co-operative Jute Mills Ltd., Nagaon253
    40.Assam Gas Company Limited44
    41.Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd.12
    42.Assam Electricity Grid Corporation394
    43.Assam Petro-chemicals Ltd.53
    44.Assam Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation3
    45.Assam Small Industries Development Corporation2
    46.Assam Mineral Development Corporation10
    47.Assam Power Generation Corporation Ltd.45
    48.Assam Power Distribution Company Limited5
    49.North East Gas Distribution Company10
    50.Madhavdev University3
    51.Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University1
    52.Majuli University of Culture40
    53.Rabindranath Tagore University25
    54.Directorate of Forensic Science, Assam36
    • Sir, further,advertisements for 35,910 posts have already been published taking the total jobs created to 1,30,416. You all agree that this is perhaps the first time such a record level recruitment has taken place within shortest possible time.
    State Level Recruitment Commission for Class- III Posts7600
    State Level Recruitment Commission for Class- IV Posts5000
    State Level Police Recruitment Board6167
    Medical and Health Recruitment Board, Assam2500
    Education Department14404
    • We are very keen to see the benefits of these jobs accrued to as many families as possible bringing social equity.

    Social Equity in Government Recruitment

    • Speaker Sir, we often see many government job- holders in one family while some families do not have even a single government employee.
    • Presence of government employees in as many families as possible would augur well in terms of social equity in government recruitment.
      • Keeping this in view, I am glad to announce that the Government will provide 5 percent weightage in total marks to the candidates from families who do not have even a single employee from the government or public sector. This shall be applicable in recruitment of all Grade-III and Grade-IV posts without compromising quality of selection.
    • In this regard, we shall come up with a new legislation during the current year.
    • Projects for Amrit kaal:
      • Speaker sir, this year, we are taking up next- generation projects that would cater to the aspirations of Amrit Peedi of Amrit Kaal.The list is presented below:
    Sl. NoName of the projectsEstimated Cost (Rs. in crore)
    1Maa          Kamakhya          Divyaloka Pariyojan498
    2Infrastructure development of Guwahati Medical College & Hospital (GMCH)  3250
    3Renovation of Nehru Stadium into World-Class Sports Arena832
    4Modernization of Assam State Zoo, Guwahati311
    5Kanaklata University, Gohpur554
    6Modern campus for Gauhati High Court at Rang Mahal, North Guwahati (Land acquisition of 130 bighas plus project cost)    110 + 300
    7Kaziranga Natural History Museum886
    8Rejuvenation of Deepor Beel100
    • Except for the Maa Kamakhya Divyaloka Pariyojana, all the other projects would be taken up under SOPD.
    • All these Amrit Kaal projects will be completed in three years and adequate budgetary allocation has been provided in the current year.

    VIII.  Creating Growth Corridors: –

    • Sir, I take pride in announcing that as a result of timely implementation of all the road projects, the total length of surfaced PWD roads in Assam has crossed 50000 km.
      • Over the last two years, we have constructed an average of 12 kilometers of roads every day.
      • Notably, the entire road length in Assam has doubled since 2014.
      • Keeping the above pace of improved connectivity, our Government continues its thrust on the road construction as below:

    Mukhya Mantrir Pakipath Nirman Achani:

    • In 2022-23, we approved funding of Rs. 2330 crore for 2995 km of roads. Additionally, in the fiscal year 2023-24, we sanctioned another 1801 km of roads with a budget of Rs. 1480 crore, and these are currently now at the awarding stage.

    Mukhya Mantrir Unnoto Pakipath Nirman Achani:

    • Under this scheme, we approved construction of 1202 km of roads in 2022-23 with a budget of Rs. 1363 crore. Additionally, in 2023-24, we initiated the development of 1136 km of roads with an allocated budget of Rs. 1550 crore, and these projects are currently at the awarding stage.

    Mukhya Mantrir Mothauri Pokikaran Achani :

    • Under this, road works of 328 km length have been sanctioned with an outlay of Rs. 529 crore and the works are in progress.

    Mukhya Mantrir Path Nobikaran Achani :

    • 1848 km road length have been sanctioned with an outlay of Rs. 370 crore and the works are in progress. Further length of 1707 km have been taken up with an outlay of Rs. 339 crore and the works are under award process. We will continue this scheme in current year also.

    Asom Mala 2.0

    • Speaker Sir, driven by success of projects under Asom Mala, the next phase of road network covering 1000 km is being taken up under Asom Mala 2.0. The focus of Asom Mala 2.0 is to provide inter- linkage between existing well-developed National Highways and Rural Roads. Under this, the 43 priority roads are identified, based on Assam Road Network Master Plan which include 38 bridges covering 28 districts.
    • The implementation of Asom Mala 2.0 begins in March 2024. This project will cost around Rs 3500 Crores. The list of roads under the Project is placed at Annexure-C.
      • In addition, it gives me immense pleasure to highlight that a few ambitious projects which are at different stages of implementation.
      Sl. No.Scheme DescriptionEstimated Amount (Rs. in crore)
          1Widening of existing 2 lane road to 4 lane road connecting Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport by constructing an aesthetically upgraded road from Dharapur to VIP Junction      358
    2Flyover from Baruah Chariali to Bhogdoi Bridge in Jorhat168
    3Flyover      at      Cycle      Factory Junction, Guwahati376
      4Four    lane   elevated    road    on Gopinath     Bordoloi     road     at Guwahati  853
        5Ropeway connecting Biswanath Ghat and Umatumani Island, offering a unique travel experience and boosting tourism    58
      6Bridge over the Brahmaputra connecting Guwahati and North Guwahati  2608
    7Palashbari – Sualkuchi bridge3197

    Some of the completed schemes are:

    Sl. NoName of projectProject cost (Rs. in crore)
      1Construction of 4-Lane Fly-Over from Maligaon to Kamakhya Gate with Pandughat Feeder Road  420
      2Construction of Flyover at Zoo Tiniali on R.G. Baruah Road in Guwahati  316
    3Construction of double Lane Road from Lanka to Umrangso281

    List of Major ongoing schemes

    Sl. NoName of projectProject cost (Rs. in crore)
    1Construction of major bridge over river Subansiri at Ghunasuti384
      2Construction of major bridge over River Pagladiya and road connecting Kumarikata and Nayabasti  248
    3Construction of 4-Lane Fly-over from Diphu Stadium to Diphu228
      4Balichapori Majuli to Bongalmara, Lakhimpur (including 2 major bridges over Subansiri & Luit)  695
    5Dhodor Ali (Kamargaon to Kamarbandha)304
    6Dhakuakhana Butikur Telijan Road146
    7Sarthebari Pathshala Road114
    8Road from Moran Naharkatia Duliajan (Moran to Disang Kinar Bangali)215
    9Sibsagar Chumoni Road121
    10Dhodor Ali (Balighat Tiniali to Nakachari)210
    11Road from Disang Kinar Bangali to Kathalguri256
    12Chapaguri Amteka Bhutan Border Road205
    13Jogighopa Oudubi Bongaigaon Road262
    14Hamren to Tumpreng Road221
    15Tumpreng to Nilbagan Road314
    16Nilbagan to Howraghat Road131
    17Haflong tiniali to Nasingwari Road177
    18Nasingwari to Thanalambra Road210
    19Borkhola Khambar Bazar Kalain Road104
    20Bhanga Sessabari Hailakandi Road122
    21Hailakandi Dwarbond Road150
    22Improvement and Upgradation of Road217
     from Dhing to Nagaon via Borduwa 
    23Improvement and Upgradation of Road from Nahar Ali306
      24Improvement and Upgradation of Road from Jorhat to Kamar bandha via Jorhat Medical College  424
    25Improvement and Upgradation of Road from Bongsor tiniali to Hajo279
      26Improvement and Upgradation of Road from Dalgaon to Dhupguri via Devpukhuri  215
    27Improvement and Upgradation of Road from Dhupguri to Dhekiajuli283
    28Improvement and Upgradation of Road from Sipajhar to Dolongghat267
    29Improvement and Upgradation of Road from Dolongghat to Tangla92
    30Improvement and Upgradation of Road from Rangia Kaurbaha to Nagrijuli352
    31Improvement and Upgradation of Mukalmua Jagra Bongaon Road228

    IX.  Mukhya Mantri Awaas Yojana (Gramin):

    • Aiming    “Housing   for    All”,    we    announced

    `Mukhya    Mantri    Awaas    Yojana    (Gramin)’

    during FY 2023-24 which will pave the way for

    1,30,000 additional houses in the first phase with assistance of Rs. 1.30 lakh.

    • Sir, this year, going a step further, 10% of these houses i.e. 13,000 houses shall be given to the eligible beneficiaries from Tea Garden communities.
    • In addition, to cover the earlier left out eligible beneficiaries, 13000 houses (10% of beneficiaries) will be allotted to the poorest of the poor beneficiaries who were left out earlier from Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) survey as well as the additional list. This will be outside of the Permanent Wait List beneficiaries.
    • Speaker Sir, in the interim budget of Union Government for 2024-25, at the initiative of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, 2 crore additional houses were announced in the next 5 years under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (Gramin). This will also benefit the poor families in Assam immensely.
      • I am allocating Rs. 600 crore for this scheme.

    Further,  our  Government is  undertaking  ambitious Government Housing projects also.

    Housing for Police Personnel

    • Sir, to provide good accommodation facilities to police personnel and their families, our Government would construct 10,000 new 2 BHK housing units covering 1,000 Sq Ft area over the next 5 years.
    • These houses will be constructed in all the Assam Police Battalions, spread all over Assam and in the Lachit Borphukan Police Academy.
    • We will complete construction of 2,000 houses in the financial year 2024-25.
    • I am earmarking Rs.150crore for this purpose.

    Housing for Safai Karmacharis

    • I am pleased to announce a scheme for providing housing to all safai karmacharis equipped with essential amenities such as streetlights, water supply, parks, and community centers in municipal boards and town committees in a phased manner.
    • In the first phase, a sum Rs.37.50 crore is being earmarked for undertaking construction of 250 houses across the State in the current year.

    X. Innovative integration of wetlands with River Brahmaputra for floodwater diversion

    • Assam is the most vulnerable state as per climate vulnerability index, and every year we suffer loss of life and property due to climate change related extreme weather events, affecting the rural and urban population alike. It is the commitment of our Government to the people of Assam to effectively fight flood related disasters through holistic and integrated water resource management, going beyond traditional flood protection works like embankments.
    • Towards this objective, we desire to adopt a novel approach supported by robust scientific data and

    studies. We conducted survey through North-East Space Application Center (NESAC) to identify suitable water bodies/wetlands for flood water diversion. A total of 271 wetlands/lakes (that are larger than 10 hectares) were found to be suitable for floodwater diversions. In the initial phase, a few large wetlands are identified for rejuvenation and restoration creating additional storage capacity of 220 lakh cubic meter for water storage.

    • NESAC has further carried out a hydrological analysis of the flood-causing rivers and it is observed that the flood peak of some rivers may reduce from 20%-80% after floodwater diversion. This initiative is expected to significantly boost tourism, revive the depleting ground water aquifers and also revive already fragile aquatic ecosystem, supporting the livelihoods of local communities dependent upon these ecosystem services, in a sustainable manner.
    • This is a major paradigm shift in the practice of flood management from traditional embankments to the integrated management of wetlands and the flood waters of River Brahmaputra.
    • I propose to allot an amount of Rs. 200 crore for this purpose.
    • This will be in addition to the regular focus of the Government for construction and maintenance of embankments. During the last three years, we have constructed 204 km of new embankments and elevation and reinforcement of 1125 km of existing embankments.
    • Further, our Government converted over 1000 km of embankments into road cum embankment.
    • Administrative approval for an amount of Rs. 520 crore against 50 schemes for construction / improvement of embankments has been accorded already. The execution of these works shall commence in the current year.

    XI.  Green Growth for Greener Assam

    Amrit Brikshya Andolan

    • Under the Amrit Brikshya Andolan, over one crore seedlings of 53 commercially selected valuable species across the state have been planted.
    • Over 48 lakh citizens registered themselves through the mobile app and 1.12 crore seedlings were planted.
    • 10 Guinness World Records were created in connection with this tree plantation drive through Jan Bhagidari.
      • This year, we will undertake 3 crore sapling plantation and for this purpose I allocate an amount of Rs. 40 crore for this purpose.

    Renewable Energy

    • MoUs signed between Assam Power Generation Corporation Limited and Oil India Limited for Rs. 4091 crore for green power generation projects, including a 25 MW solar project at Namrup.
    • Collaborated with Neyvelli Lignite Corporation India Limited and Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam for state-based renewable energy projects.
    • Government of India has approved to setup 1000 MW Solar Power Plants
      • Further, the works of Lower Kopili Hydro Electric Project with capacity of 120 MW will be completed by the end of this year.

    Green Transportation

    • As a commitment to eco-friendly practices, we have introduced 2% reduction in Motor Vehicle Tax and exemptions on registration fees for new electric vehicles.
    • Under the Vehicle Scrappage Policy, 3,000 vehicles were dismantled scientifically.
      • We have introduced 100 CNG buses, 200 electric buses in Guwahati city under ASTC. In FY 24-25 we will introduce another 100 EVs in the Guwahati metropolitan so that public transportation in the city is made 100% green and fossil-fuel free.

    Energy Audit of Government Buildings

    • This year I propose to undertake energy audit of Government establishments to reduce the carbon footprint of these buildings.
      • I hereby earmark Rs. 10 crore for this purpose.
      • Mandatory Rooftop solar
    • All new buildings (private and public) to be constructed in the State shall mandatorily install

    roof-top solar facility. Our Government shall come up with a new legislation to this effect during the current year.

    XII.  Welfare of tea tribe community

    • We have undertaken several welfare initiatives aimed at the betterment of the tea garden worker community in our State to name a few:
    • 3% reservation in government jobs
    • Wage    Compensation   Scheme   for    Pregnant Women of Tea Garden Areas
    • Establishing 218 Model High schools
    • Construction of 13000 houses under Mukhya Mantri Awaas Yojana (Gramin)
    • Functional Household tap water connections under Jal Jeevan Mission
    • Improved tea garden roads
      • Further, this year we shall support tea garden families by paying the arrear electricity dues of tea garden worker families living in the lines continuing our commitment to this effort.
      • I earmark Rs. 75 crore under this.
      • Further, we will take measures to secure land rights for tea tribe community. It was found that tea tribes and some of the members of indigenous communities do not possess documents to prove domicile for three generations and as a result, they are deprived from receiving settlement of the land.
    • Under Mission Basundhara 3.0, this domicile requirement will be relaxed in respect of tea tribes and someindigenous communities to provide them land rights.

    XIII.  Quest For Cultural Identity

    Formation of Heritage Belts and Blocks

    • Our Government feels it is our primary duty to safeguard the cultural significance of iconic and heritage locations in Barpeta, Majuli, Batadrava and Narayanpur. Towards this, we aim to take concrete action to protect these locations by creation of heritage belt/block on the lines of tribal belt/block.
      • Accordingly, we will come up with a suitable legislation to ensure that the land surrounding these locations, is transferred only to indigenous persons/institutions.

    Three Legend Nights

    • Speaker Sir, we propose to celebrate the contributions of great souls who left their indelible impressions on the conscience of Assamese Society.
      • Three separate Legend Nights will bring together artists spanning various generations from all corners of the State, creating a musical odyssey paying befitting tribute to the legacies of the following personalities:
    • Bhupen Hazarika, the bard of unity who transcended borders with his words, inspiring us to build a harmonious society;
    • Jayanta Hazarika whose pioneering fusion and music echoed Assam’s spirit.
    • Bishnu Rabha, a multifaceted artist and champion of social change, who reminds us of the power of creativity and Jyoti Prasad Agarwala who through his cinematic lens, immortalized our cultural essence, paving the way for a thriving film industry.

    Financial assistance to Assamese cinemas :

    • In order to encourage big-screen Assamese cinema, we intend to provide grant of Rs.10 lakh to full- fledged Assamese cinemas.
    • A jury of eminent persons would scrutinize the nominations and submit their recommendations. The aim is to make Assamese cinema more competitive and commercial.
      • Further, I propose to support artists and technicians of Assamese cinema and mobile theatre by bringing them under Atal Pension Yojana. Our Government will be paying 50% of their contribution for 5 years.

    Grants to 50 new Cinema Halls :

    • Further, to boost the cinema industry of our state, we propose to invest 50 lakh as share capital/ grant/ soft loan for each new cinema hall to be proposed by NGO/cultural organization/private sector.
      • Location of the cinema hall to be decided by the Government.
      • I propose an amount of Rs 25 crore towards this.

    Incentives to the Bihu Committees:

    • Speaker Sir, last year, our Government provided Rs.

    1.5 lakh to registered Bihu committees which are over ten years old. This initiative will continue and I propose Rs. 34.5 crore towards this.

    • In addition, we propose to organize a record-level event of Bohag Bihu in New Delhi.

    Grants to Jorhat Sukapha Samannay Kshetra

    • Sir, our Government has committed significant resources to transforming Jorhat’s Sukapha Kshetra into a cultural and historical landmark, honouring Ahom dynasty founder, Chaolung Siu-Ka-Pha.
      • I propose a grant of Rs.100 crore over the next three years for the development of Sukapha Samannay Kshetra.

    Shaheed Kanaklata Barua’s Museum

    • Paying homage to the great sacrifice of Shaheed Kanaklata Baruah, we plan to convert her home into museum.
      • I earmark an amount of Rs. 5 crore for this project.

    Bhaona and Raas Lila

    • Hon’ble Speaker Sir, Bhaona is one of the most important traditional performances of our state with deep cultural and religious roots. Bhaona combines elements of drama, dance, and music to depict stories from Hindu mythology.
    • To promote this ancient art form, I propose to provide one time grant of Rs. 25000 to each Bhaona committee.
      • Further, I propose to provide an additional amount of Rs. 5000 each to Bhaona Committees who will perform Ram Bijoy Ankiya Naat. Prabhu Ramchandra was accepted by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankaradeva as the incarnation of the Supreme Brahma. It is certainly significant that Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva wrote the Ram Bijoy Ankiya Naat as his swan sang before his Mahaprayana.

    Preserving Sattras

    • Besides, the State Government has been supporting important sattras.
    • Internal development works of Sri Sri Batadrava Than with an outlay Rs 22.53 crore have been completed.
      • Further, we have taken up overall rejuvenation of the Than premises for Development of Sri Sri Batadrava Than as cultural and tourist destination. This scheme is being implemented in three phases. The progress under first two phases is given below.
    PhaseAmount (in Rs crore)Physical Progress
    Phase I5088%
    Phase II114.2268%
    • This year, we will take up beautification works under phase III with an estimated cost of Rs. 54 crore.
    • Thus the total funds earmarked for preservation of Batadrava Than for both internal and external development is Rs. 240 crore.
      • Patbaushi of the Barpeta District is known as one of the most holy places of the Vaishnavitetradition in Assam. It was the meeting place of Great Saints Srimanta Sankardev, Sri Sri Madhabdev, Sri SriDamodardev and Sri Sri Haridev. The epoch making creations and spiritual philosophy of the great sages came to life here. The Srimanta Sankardev Than and the Sri Sri Patbaushi Satra of Sri Sri Damodardev have been still maintaining its glorious Vaishnavite tradition. Therefore, Govt. of Assam earmarked Rs. 15 crore for first phase for development and expansion of Sri Sri Patbaushi Satra.
      • Further, I propose an amount of Rs. 5 crore for preservation of Sri Sri Kamalabari Satra in Titabor and 2 crore for Srimanta Sankardeva Satra, Barangajuli, Udalguri district.

    Taralangso festival

    • We feel proud that our neighbouring State, Nagaland has been hosting Hornbill festival with great vigour and it has become popular at national and global level. Taking inspiration from them, we wish to promote Taralangso festival of Karbi Anglong on these lines to attract tourists from all corners.
      • I earmark an amount of Rs. 3 crore for celebration of this festival to bring it on the world map.
    • Similarly State Government is keen to promote the culture of all indigenous tribals of Assam on these lines.
    • Punya Tirth Yojana – Ayodhya Pilgrimage
      • Sir under our ongoing Punya Dham scheme, pilgrims are provided the opportunity to embark on spiritual journeys to sacred places such as Puri, Vrindavan, and Varanasi etc. We shall continue this year also.
      • In addition, this year, I am announcing “Punya Tirtha Yojana” and we would facilitate pilgrimage of 25000 devotees to Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, with a budgetary provision of Rs. 25 crore.

    XV.  Future for Children

    • Sir, our Government is already constructing 5000 Model Anganwadi Centres.
      • This year we are going to take up construct another 5000 Model Anganwadi centres with an outlay of Rs.1250 crore.
      • With this, our commitment of constructing 10,000 Model Anganwadi Centres in the State would be fulfilled.
      • Speaker Sir, in an initiative to improve the infrastructure of the present schools of Assam, our Government would transform 322 schools in the State with a total outlay of Rs.   2369.86 crore. The list of schools is enclosed at Annexure D.
    • At present, 118 Tea Garden Model Schools are functional and we will establish another 100 new Model Schools in the Tea Garden areas
      • Our Government intends to support students under self financing scheme, by offering 50% of their course fee as a scholarship to Dibrugarh University and others.
      • Rs.100 crore Capital Grant would be provided to Dibrugarh University over a period of 3 years to transform it into state-of-the-art University.
      • In addition, I am happy to announce that a capital grant of Rs. 20 crore will be provided to Krishna Kanta Handique Open University
    • Khel Maharan and Youth Clubs in 126 LACs
      • I am glad to apprise this august Assembly that our Government under the leadership of Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma has taken sports to the grassroot level for nurturing budding athletes through the Khel Maharan program on a massive scale. This effort is lauded by the Hon’ble Prime Minister as well.
      • We now propose to support one Youth Club in each of the Legislative Assembly Constituency to have a structured mechanism to host sports events and to take the Khel Maharan Jan Bhagidari movement forward.
      • This year, I propose to give an amount of Rs. 15 lakh for the equipment banks and for minor repairing to each of these Youth Clubs in the 126 Legislative Assembly Constituencies.
    • In order to support sports talent, I propose to establish a new High-Performance Sports Centre at Kokrajhar at a cost of Rs 28.30 crore. This is third such facility, after Jorhat and Guwahati in the state.
      • Further, to create world class sports infrastructure in the State, we are taking up the construction of the following stadiums:
        • Chandrapur Stadium, Guwahati with a total outlay of Rs. 300 crore
        • Upgradation of Khanikar Stadium, Dibrugarh district from 5000 to 15000 seating capacity with a total outlay of Rs. 401 crore.

    XVII.  Global Investors’ Summit in November, 2024-

    • Assam is actively pursuing significant investments aligned with the Government of India’s vision, including Viksit Bharat @ 2047, Atmanirbhar Bharat, and Make in India.
      • The State Government had successfully hosted five G-20 related events and is now poised to take advantage of the maxim suggested by Hon’ble prime Minister “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: World United by trade” and maximize the goodwill generated by successful G20 Presidency by India to bring the gains to Assam.
      • I announce that we will organize a Global Investors’ Summit in the month of November, 2024 in Assam which will witness participation of major global and Indian industrial houses and it would stimulate investment into Assam and create more jobs.
      • I propose to allocate Rs. 25 crore for this purpose.

    XVIII.  Mukhya Mantri Sangrahalaya-

    • Assam envisions setting up Mukhya Mantri Sangrahalaya in the Amrit Kaal which would be a state-of-the-art museum in Guwahati.
      • This museum will be a living testament to the leadership, challenges, and triumphs of each Chief Minister who shaped our state.
      • The Mukhya Mantri Sangrahalaya has been envisaged to not only preserve the past but also inspire a future generation to take pride in their democratic roots and contribute to the continued evolution of Assam’s democratic identity.

    Speaker Sir, now I would like to highlight a few major announcements for the benefit of the House.


    • Reservation for Agniveers in Assam Police
      • Our Government would reserve 10% of the posts in Assam Police for eligible Agniveers. However, this applies for local candidates only.

    (II)  Self sufficiency in egg, milk and fish production

    • This would create jobs, increase income and stimulate rural growth.
      • To boost milk production, Rs. 25 crore would be provided towards milk subsidy as a direct support to dairy farmers. This will be in addition to Rs. 10 crore provided for infusing equity in North East Dairy and Foods Ltd (NEDFL).
      • To attain self-sufficiency in egg production, our Government would be focusing on layer farming. We have already undertaken distribution of low input technology birds among traditional backyard farmers. We shall provide appropriate incentives.
      • I earmark Rs. 25 crore for this purpose.
      • We will boost fish production by leveraging Central schemes and EAPs.

    (III)  Promotion of small tea growers

    • We will provide incentives for various initiatives to small tea growers in the State and support the

    modernization    of    tea    processing    facilities    and training of tea sector in new technologies.

    • I earmark an amount of Rs. 15 crore for the promotion of small tea growers.

    (IV)  Start-up Mission

    • I am glad to announce that our Government would continue to support the Start-up Venture Fund for Assam in this financial year also.I am earmarking an amount of Rs. 18 crore for the same.
    • In addition, two new Startup Incubation hubs will be established at Assam Engineering College, Guwahati and Jorhat Engineering College, Jorhat with an allocated fund of Rs. 5 crore.
    • Setting up of Training Centre at Padmashree

    Hemaprova Chutia’s residence

    • Our Government has planned to preserve the unique creativity of Padmashree Hemaprova Chutia and would set up a Handloom Training Centre at her residence in Moran, Dibrugarh for preservation, display and training purpose.
      • Further, in order to make our weavers self-reliant and for their upliftment we will distribute 1000 looms (Moina Xaal) in financial year 2024-25 and I earmark Rs. 14 crore for this purpose.

    (VI)  PM Vishwakarma Yojana

    • Under the PMVishwakarma Yojana, end-to-end support is provided to artisans and craftsman engaged in 18 trades through PM Vishwakarma certificate and ID card.
    • Further, a toolkit incentive of upto Rs.15,000 in the form of e-vouchers at the commencement of Basic Skill Training would be provided along with credit support of upto Rs. 3 lakh.
    • So far, we have received 4,97,968 applications on PM Vishwakarma portal which is 6th highest in the country.

    (VII) Farm Mechanization

    • In order to strengthen our food processing ecosystem in financial year 2024-25, we plan to distribute 2000 power tillers, 70 tractors, 200 threshers, 200 reapers, 10 paddy transplanters etc. amongst farmers to support their agricultural activities.
      • Further, we propose an amount of Rs.10.93 crores for Common Service Centres and an amount of Rs

    8.4 crores for Custom Hiring Centres.

    (VIII) Rooftop solarisation

    • Sir, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji has announced Pradhan Mantri SuryodayaYojana with a target to install rooftop solar systems in one crore households thereby providing the benefit of free electricity to people.
    • Our Government will also implement this eco-friendly scheme by contributing the corresponding State share.

    (IX)  Climate Action

    • Following the clarion call given by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi, we have launched

    Mission LiFE – Lifestyle for Environment on 22nd March 2023 in Assam.

    • We have signed an MoU with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), which will help in mobilisation of resources and capacity building.
    • Further, we will introduce curriculum on climate change in the school text books to raise awareness among our next generation on the need for climate action.
    • Under Chief Minister’s Climate Resilient Village Fellowship Programme, announced in the budget 2022-23, post-graduate students selected for this fellowship have provided village-specific climate action plans for 100 villages. We will initiate steps to develop 10 model climate resilient villages this year.
    • We will continue publishing Green Budget covering 18 departments this year. Further, the environment- friendly schemes of the departments will be tagged in order to prioritize them for fund release.

    (X) Amrit-Guwahati Integrated Global City (Amrit- GiG City)

    • In my Budget Speech of financial year22-23, a commitment was made to develop a world-class integrated business city- Amrit-Guwahati Integrated Global City (Amrit-GiG City). The proposed Amrit- GiG city would be fully planned in an area of 1000 acres and integrated with a blend of world class infrastructure for next generation industries along with new age residential and social infrastructure.
    • Ayushman Asom : A comprehensive healthcare initiative
    • Ayushman Asom is transforming medical access for about 2 crore beneficiaries in our State.
    • In 2023, expanding coverage, we introduced the new health Insurance scheme Mukhya Mantri Ayushman Assam Yojana (AA-MMJAY), combining forces with Ayushman Bharat- Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY), to empower 58 lakh families with cashless treatment worth Rs. 5 lakh per family per year.
    • So far, over 4 lakh individuals benefited from cashless treatment benefitting worth Rs 588 crore under the two schemes.
    • We shall continue this critical health support programme in this current year and hope to expand to cover more beneficiaries also.
    • In addition, as announced earlier, we have introduced Ayushman Asom – Mukhya Mantri Lok Sevak Arogya Yojana (AA-MMLSAY) for a hassle-free online medical reimbursement service to government employees, their dependents, pensioners and their spouses.

    (XII)  Comprehensive School health Programme under Chief Minister’s Ayushman Asom

    • Sir, to ensure optimum health, nutrition and healthy life style of school going children in Assam, Health Card shall be provided to each student wherein screening and monitoring results shall be recorded.
    • Social, behavioural and reproductive health education shall also be imparted to the students in all schools.

    (XIII) Village and Community Outreach Programme for MBBS Students in Assam under Chief Minister’s Ayushman Asom

    • Medical colleges of the state will implement Village and Community Outreach Programme for the MBBS students to learn communication skills along with the various cultural factors affecting community health. This shall achieve better understanding of the health needs of the local community through adoption of one family by each student.

    (XIV) Championing Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence

    • In order to maintain the momentum of technology- driven New India, our Government would establish the Assam Centre for Excellence for Artificial Intelligence.
      • Our Government would be building the Assam Data Exchange Platform, which would be a robust digital public infrastructure facilitating data access, its utilization and laying foundation for data-driven governance and policy making.

    (XV) Gyan-Dhara – Integrating virtual reality technology with for experiential learning

    • In a first of its kind initiative in the entire nation, I propose Gyan Dhara project to provide experiential learning for students across the State through VR-

    based, curriculum-aligned content that is both immersive and interactive.

    • This project will initially be rolled out in Adarsh Vidyalayas in phases in collaboration with IIT Guwahati.
    • I allocate an amount of Rs. 5 crore for this purpose.
    • Third Assam Bhawan in New Delhi
      • I am happy to announce that we have got an allotment of a plot of 4000 sq. meter in Dwarka, New Delhi from Delhi Development Authority.
      • We are constructing a new Assam Bhawan, which will be a third such asset for our State in New Delhi. In this complex, we will develop other public amenities like marriage hall, Namghar etc. These facilities can be used by Assamese living in National Capital Region and those who visit from the State.
    • Standing with our employees – Apun Ghar, Apun Bahan
      • Speaker Sir, under Apun Ghar, 37,811 State Government employees were benefitted, with a loan portfolio of Rs. 5,157.46 crore.
      • Rs. 488.76 crore has been paid for interest subvention on housing loans, affirming our commitment.
      • I am pleased to announce the continuation of the scheme in the upcoming year and I allocate Rs.110 crore for this purpose in the budget.
    • As per our commitment in the last year’s budget, the “Apun Bahan” scheme has been launched, providing male employees a 2% interest subsidy for diesel/petrol vehicles and a 3% subsidy for electric vehicles.
      • Women and differently-abled employees receive a 3% interest subsidy for any vehicle purchase.
      • I propose Rs. 12 crore for this in the budget.

    (XVIII) Supporting the Employees of Different Societies (Ex-Gratia)

    • Societies like Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission (ASRLM), Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), National Health Mission (NHM), etc. play a key role in the functioning of the Government in key priority sectors.
      • I propose to increase the ex-gratia amount, in case of unfortunate death, from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 7.5 lakh for the employees of these societies.
      • I earmark an adequate amount for this project.
    • Jeevika Sakhi Express
      • Among the 19,000 Jeevika Sakhis, 10,910 have received scooties to enhance their outreach for promoting the message of financial empowerment amongst women. This year, we will provide scooties to all the remaining Jeevika Sakhis.
      • I am allocating Rs. 52 crore for this scheme.
    • Monthly remuneration to honorary Gaon Pradhans in the Forest areas
    • Sir, in recognition of the services rendered by Gaon Pradhans in forest areas along the Assam- Nagaland, Assam – Arunachal Pradesh borders and such other areas of the State, we have put aside a fund to provide monthly remuneration to the Gaon Pradhans.
    • An amount of Rs. 6 crore is earmarked for this purpose.

    Speaker Sir, now I wish to present the department- wise budget allocation before the august House

    Administrative Departments

    Act East Policy Affairs Department- “Bridging cultures, building friendships”

    • In the fiscal year 2023-24, the Department successfully worked towards strengthening ties with Southeast Asia and neighboring countries through impactful events, including trade forums, educational exchanges and border awareness programs. The Department is set to continue its trajectory of success this year too. The ongoing collaboration with the Mekong Institute for integrating Assamese MSMEs into regional and global value chains shall benefit 600 companies initially. Foreign visits and strategic partnerships with reputable organizations like FICCI and AIDC will further amplify the pursuit of “India- ASEAN friendship” and the principle of “Neighborhood first.”
      • I allocate an amount of Rs. 2.18 crore to this department.

    Administrative Reforms, Training, Pension and Public Grievances Department – “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance”

    • From online portals to citizen outreach programs, the ARTPPG Department is weaving a network of initiatives to usher in an era of efficient and transparent governance, bringing Government closer to the people.
      • The Mission Sadbhavana 2.0 for adoption of e-Office practices and disposal of old files, Kritagyata 2.0 for simplified pension procedures, resulting in the

    issuance of over 19,000 Pension Payment Order and the Jeevan Pramaan portal for a convenient online platform for life certificate submissions have been the remarkable achievements of this Department.

    • The Department plans to launch the RTI Portal with online features, activation of hybrid hearings at the Assam Information Commission, upgrading the Assam Administrative Staff College and constructing new training institutes for the Government staff.
      • I allocate an amount of Rs. 15538.78 crore to this department.

    Agriculture  Department  –  “Harvesting prosperity, through Technology”

    • Assam Millets Mission, launched in 2022-23 with a seven-year mandate, aims to encourage millet cultivation and has been integrated into state nutrition programs and POSHAN Abhiyan. Crop diversification and area expansion initiatives for the year 2023-24 include double cropping in rice fallow areas, extensive mustard cultivation, increased pulse cultivation, substantial growth in potato cultivation, and area expansion of maize. The National Mission on Edible Oils – Oil Seed aims to bring four lakh hectares of additional land under oilseed cultivation by 2025- 2026, to address the growing demand for edible oil. To date, mustard cultivation has already been established on 1.77 lakh hectares.
      • The government gave thrust to horticulture as a priority sector, covering nearly 20,000 hectares under Mission Organic Value Chain Development for Northeastern Region (MOVCDNER). Under APART,

    1738 ha area was brought under potato cultivation through the Area Expansion Programme involving 126 Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs).

    • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 2445.71 crore to this department.

    Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department-

    “Supplementing towards self-sustenance”

    • In the last financial, credit linkages were established for over 1000 Piggery units and more than 200 commercial layer units, fostering growth in both sectors. The deployment of over 180 Mobile Veterinary Units (MVUs) strategically enhanced veterinary services, while a scheme for women empowerment in Goat rearing is actively progressing. The development of Super-specialty Pet Care Hospitals in Bokakhat, Dibrugarh, and Guwahati are underway, and the recruitment of more than 160 Veterinary Officers strengthened service delivery across the State.
      • Looking forward to financial year 2024-25, the department aims to expand credit linkages, enhance veterinary services, implement new welfare schemes, and continue infrastructure development.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 618.63 crore to this department.

    Border Protection and  Development Department- “Promoting peaceful co-existence”

    • Assam is actively strengthening its border infrastructure. Grants have been allocated to improve existing Border Outposts (BOPs), while 50 new BOPs

    are planned for strategic locations over the next three years. Significant progress has been made in resolving inter-state border disputes. Assam and Meghalaya signed an MoU to address six disputed areas, paving the way for future agreements. Another landmark MoU with Arunachal Pradesh resolved differences in 71 villages, with remaining boundaries to be finalized soon.

    • Promoting peaceful co-existence, the government organized Border Festivals with neighboring states, fostering goodwill, and understanding. These initiatives demonstrate Assam’s commitment to secure borders, resolve disputes amicably, and build bridges of cooperation with neighboring states.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 52.18 crore to this department.

    Co-operation Department- “Trust binds, unity thrives”

    • From computerizing Primary Agricultural Credit Societies for efficiency to converting them into Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samridhi Kendra centers for holistic rural development, progress is evident in this department. The “World’s largest Decentralised Grain Storage Program” and Mission Amrit Sarovar show commitment to food security and sustainability. Initiatives like “One District One Product” showcase unique agricultural potential, while the Cooperative Mela boosted awareness and revenue.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 211.71 crore to this department.

    Cultural Affairs Department – “Our heritage, our brand”

    • In the financial year 2023-24, the Cultural Affairs Department achieved significant milestones, including organizing the largest Bihu Dance at Guwahati, creating Guinness Book record.
      • Bishnu Rabha Divas, 2023, was celebrated with National and State-level Awards, and a cultural awareness campaign on Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha was organised. Street plays against plastic use, Summer Vacation Workshops, and discussions with Assamese film fraternities marked the department’s commitment to cultural enrichment.
      • Looking forward to financial year 2024-25, the Department aims to sustain cultural activities, support artists, preserve heritage through projects, and actively participate in national and international events.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 286.61 crore to this department.

    Environment and Forest Department – “Protecting nature, serving future”

    • Efforts were made to clear about 5000 hectares of encroachments in various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Construction of over 100 buildings for Frontline Forest Staff/Anti-Poaching Camps, vocational training for more than 800 forest fringe community members, update of 50 People’s Biodiversity Registers, activation of Anti-depredation squads, recruitment of over 3000 employees at Grade III and Grade IV levels through SLRC/SLPRB

    and coordination with various departments has helped tremendously to preserve wildlife and to mitigate Man-Animal Conflict.

    • The government has also prioritized the establishment of the Institute of Wildlife Health and Research at Dinjan, Dibrugarh, Barak Valley Wildlife Safari and Rescue Centre at Dholai, Cachar and the renovation and modernization of the Assam State Zoo in Guwahati.
      • Speaker Sir, the government aims to expand the Amrit Brikshya Andolan by planting three crore seedlings across the state in 2024-25. Modernization of the Assam State Zoo, a Species Recovery Programme to protect highly endangered wildlife species, such as the White-winged Wood Duck, Hoolock Gibbon, and endemic flora like Hollong and development of a Natural History Museum and Animal Rescue Center at Borjuli, Panbari, in Golaghat District shall be the priorities in this year.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 1207.25 crore to this department.

    Excise Department – “Regulating responsibly”

    • In financial year 2023-24, the Excise Department through effective regulation and licensing of various alcoholic beverages generated an impressive revenue of over Rs. 2000 crore in 2023. A major highlight of the year was the department’s extensive crackdown on illicit activities with more than 13,000 illicit liquor cases registered and 3,000 arrests made. Furthermore, the Excise Department promoted local

    businesses through a liberal heritage beverage policy. Incentives and reduced levies for local alcohol producers were introduced, encouraging the growth of the local alcohol industry. This resulted in the establishment of wineries by local entrepreneurs within the state.

    • Initiatives were undertaken to enhance transparency and efficiency, including the introduction of e- tendering for issuing new wine licenses and implementation of the ‘track & trace’ initiative for monitoring of alcohol throughout the supply chain, reducing evasion.
      • I allocate an amount of Rs. 111.82 crore to this department.

    Fishery Department – “Local fish, local jobs”

    • During the year 2023-24, the Department achieved commendable milestones, securing the 4th position in inland and 12th overall fish production in the country. The introduction of the Pradhan Mantri Matshya SampadaYojana led to the establishment of 33 freshwater fish seed hatcheries, bolstering the state’s capacity for quality fish seed production. Notably, Rs.

    60 crore was allocated for the development of 19 Fish/Fish Seed Farms under RIDF-XXVIII, signaling a commitment to robust fisheries infrastructure. The stocking of 30 lakh advanced fish fingerlings and the development of 150 ha of Beel fisheries reflected efforts to boost fish production.

    • Looking ahead, the focus remains on strengthening hatchery initiatives, initiating projects for integrated fisheries transformation, and augmenting stocking

    programs. The commitment to supporting farmers through initiatives like Kisan Credit Cards, insurance schemes, and extensive training programs persists.

    • The dedication to the sustainable development of fisheries is evident in the initiation of the SWIFT project, targeting the conservation of 4000 ha of State Beel fisheries. Acknowledging these efforts, three prestigious National Awards were conferred during the Global Fisheries Conference 2023, affirming Assam’s dedication to elevating its status in the national fisheries landscape.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 166.37 crore to this department.

    Food, Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs Department – “Food for all, hunger for none”

    • Speaker Sir, in financial year 2023-24, Aadhaar seeding of National Food Security ACT (NFSA) beneficiaries stood at an impressive 99% against ration cards and 98% against beneficiaries, surpassing the national average of 95%. The state achieved remarkable success in online transactions of rice through e-PoS devices, reaching 96% in December 2023. Notable achievements were observed during the Anna Sewa Saptah and Anna Sewa Din, with online transactions reaching 95% and 96%, respectively.
      • In paddy procurement, over 5,00,000 MT was procured, benefiting more than 65,000 farmers with around Rs. 1100 crore directly transferred into their accounts.
    • In financial year 2024-25, the Department seeks to sustain Aadhaar seeding, expand online transactions, and address food security challenges. We will further emphasize on use of technology, implement the One Nation One Ration Card scheme and meet the targets for paddy procurement.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 776.38 crore to this department.

    General Administration Department –  “Creating Administrative Harmony”

    • In the financial year 2023-24, the General Administration Department achieved significant milestones. Assam Bhawan in Vellore, inaugurated in last September, has been fully operational, providing essential services to Assam’s visitors for medical and educational purposes. The construction of Assam Bhawan in Bengaluru has progressed steadily, anticipating completion in early 2024. Noteworthy initiatives included the introduction of a Transfer Policy and the implementation of e-Office in all districts.
      • Looking ahead to financial year 2024-25, the department’s objectives include furthering the implementation of e-Office, completing the Integrated Directorate Complex at Betkuchi, and organizing the State Highest Civilian Award ceremony. The continuation of the Lok Sewa Puraskar highlights the commitment to recognizing non-Gazetted employees. The department also targets promoting Aadhaar saturation, leveraging its role as a Registrar to increase coverage and enhance services for citizens.
    • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 1366.30 crore to this department.

    Handloom, Textiles and Sericulture Department     –

    “Weaving Dreams”

    • In financial year 2023-24, the Department achieved significant milestones in preserving and promoting Assam’s rich handloom and sericulture traditions. Initiatives like “Swanirbhar Naari” were launched to empower weavers, focusing on the economic well- being of over 12 lakh people involved in the handloom sector. The establishment of Integrated Handloom Parks and Model Villages, Golden Silk Park and College of Sericulture demonstrated the state’s commitment to sustainable practices and the development of a skilled workforce in the sericulture sector.
      • Looking ahead to the next financial year, the department aims to establish Mulberry Yarn Banks and Amrit Sarovars to further support production and secure livelihoods for weavers and celebrate the heritage of Assam silk.
      • I allocate an amount of Rs. 352.29 crore to this department.

    Health & Family Welfare Department- “Flowing with wellness

    • In the financial year 2023-24, Online birth and death registration was implemented through SEWA SETU, halting manual registrations. The Swasthya Sewa Utsav, conducted in two phases to assess the quality- of-service providers and health institutions, became

    an annual exercise. Under the Chief Minister’s Free Diagnostics Programme, significant numbers of patients availed free CT scan and X-ray services. Initiatives like Free Drugs Services, providing essential drugs at no cost to patients in government hospitals, continued to serve the community.

    • Special programs, including the Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme, the Free Treatment for Children having congenital heart disease, and the Wage Compensation Scheme for Pregnant Women of Tea Garden Areas, demonstrated the government’s commitment to comprehensive healthcare. Tele- Mental Health Assistance and Networking Across States was established, providing mental health support through a dedicated 24×7 call centre. The Universal Immunization Programme, Pulse Polio Immunization, and Intensified Mission Indradhanush

    5.0 were conducted diligently, contributing to the reduction of child mortality and morbidity in the state.

    • The government’s commitment to healthcare extended to the Directorate of AYUSH, where two new 50-bedded Ayurvedic hospitals were made functional in Majuli and Dudhnoi.
      • The critical programmes like Chief Minister’s Free Diagnostics Programme, the Wage Compensation Scheme for Pregnant Women of Tea Garden Areas and the Free Treatment for Children having congenital heart disease shall continue with full vigour.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 5354.68 crore to this department.

    Higher Education Department – “Education is the key to freedom”

    • Speaker Sir, in financial year 2023-24, the Higher Education Department made significant strides in infrastructure development of Colleges and Universities, having completion percentages of 94% for the new polytechnic in Dima Hasao and 93% for Tingkhong. Hostel projects at Assam Engineering College and Binneswar Brahma Engineering College achieved 100% and 80% completion, respectively.
      • Skill development classes were initiated through the Tata Centre of Excellence in Nalbari, Sonitpur, and Chirang Polytechnics. The Directorate of Higher Education prioritized student welfare by distributing scooty, releasing substantial funds for fee waivers, free textbooks, mobility grants, and mess dues waivers. Financial allocations for sports infrastructure at Tezpur University and infrastructure grants for Assam University, Silchar, demonstrated a comprehensive approach to academic and athletic enhancement.
      • Looking ahead to financial year 2024-25, the department’s objectives include completing ongoing construction projects, initiating skill development classes in identified polytechnics, and advancing the implementation of the Samarth e-Gov suite for efficient digital governance. The decision to upgrade seven colleges to universities and the creation of the College Services Recruitment Board reflect secondary strategic efforts to strengthen higher education institutions. The department’s focus on expanding academic offerings, staff appointments,

    and introducing literary pensions further underscores its dedication to promoting a robust academic environment.

    • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 3280.09 crore to this department.

    Hill Areas Department – “A glimpse of Heaven”

    • In the last financial year 2023-24, the Hill Areas Department achieved substantial financial allocations for the development of autonomous councils. A significant accomplishment was the allocation of Rs. 400 crore, along with Rs. 150 crore as a special grant for the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council. Additionally, Rs. 220 crore and Rs. 125 crore as a special grant was allocated for the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 3248.03 crore to this department.

    Home Department – “Guardians of Peace”

    • In the previous year, Assam Police gained momentous achievements in its multifaceted activities including anti-insurgency operations witnessing the surrender of over 1200 militants. Stringent crackdown on narcotics and drugs, resulting in the recovery of more than 160 kg of Heroin, 31,000 kg of Ganja and other substances, totaling contraband worth more than Rs. 1800 crore between May 2021, and January 2024.
      • The overall law-and-order situation in Assam improved, evidenced by a reduction in crimes from about 1,00,000 in 2021 to about 63,000 in 2023,

    coupled with an increase in the conviction rate from 6% to 16%. Moreover, Assam Police played a pivotal role in promoting a peaceful dialogue by signing historic accords with militant groups, including the United Liberation Front of Assam in December 2023. The withdrawal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act from major parts of Assam marked a phased transition, symbolizing the improved security scenario and the end of decades of hostility and militancy.

    • Assam Police is committed to combat child marriage, a severe violation of human rights. Special drives have been initiated under relevant laws, resulting in the registration of more than 5000 cases and the arrest of over 4,000 individuals.
      • The historic recruitment of 14,643 police personnel reflects our commitment to bolstering the police force and ensuring public safety.
      • Looking forward, Assam Police’s focus remains on the rehabilitation of over 7000 cadres surrendered militants from different extremist organizations already reintegrated into society.
      • Infrastructure development is also a priority, ranging from the construction of new commando battalion facilities, police stations, and Lower Subordinate Quarters to establishment of Cyber Police Stations and Outposts, addressing the evolving challenges posed by digital criminal activities and the installation of CCTV cameras. Simultaneously, Assam Police is actively engaged in housing schemes for its Police personnel, jail modernization, and forensic science

    initiatives to enhance the overall criminal justice system in the state.

    • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 8143.96 crore to this department.

    Housing and Urban Affairs Department- “Planning for resilient cities”

    • In financial year 2023-24, Urban Development Department plans to start with the innovative 10 Cities Development Concept, earmarking Rs. 10 crore per Urban Local Body (ULB) over three years.
      • The three reservoirs under Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)-assisted Guwahati South Central Groundwater Supply Project are supplying water to more than 17,000 households daily, and additional reservoirs are expected to be commissioned by June 2024. The Deepor Beel Driveway Nirman, one of the state’s eight iconic projects, aims to holistically preserve and rejuvenate this vital ecological asset.
      • Speaker Sir, this coming year too, Department will strive hard to create best possible Urban Infrastructure for its cities with assistance under UIDF, City Infrastructure Development Fund, City Investments to Innovate, Integrate and Sustain 2.0 (CITIIS 2.0) and other Schemes supported by State.
      • The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority and Assam Industrial Development Corporation are already developing an industrial township at Jagiroad on the land of the former Nagaon Paper Mill. Work is expected to begin soon. Additionally,

    plans are underway to develop several similar satellite townships around Guwahati. Furthermore, it is proposed to relocate the wholesale market at Fancy Bazar to the city’s outskirts. This move aims to alleviate congestion in the area while stimulating commercial activity.

    • I therefore allocate an amount of Rs. 3084.59 crore to this department.

    Implementation of  Assam Accord Department     –

    “Keeping the Promise”

    • In the last financial year 2023-24, the Implementation of Assam Accord Department demonstrated its commitment to the speedy and effective execution of the Assam Accord. Notable allocations were made, with over Rs. 7 crore provided to the Assam Agitation Victims Welfare Trust in financial year 2022-23 and financial year 2023-24. The interest accrued on the Term Deposit will serve diverse purposes, including higher education, medical treatment, marriage assistance, and financial support for unemployed youths from victim families.
    • Additionally, Rs. 7 crore was allocated in the financial year 2023-24 as an ex-gratia grant for victim families, with the disbursement process actively underway. Recognizing the historical significance of the Assam Agitation, Rs. 50.00 Lacs were earmarked for the preparation of a Documentary Film.
      • Furthermore, the department distributed Data Books on the History and Events of Assam Agitation to more than 300 libraries, promoting awareness and

    education during the Swahid Divas observation on December 10, 2023.

    • The department aims to continue the disbursement of allocated funds, support victim families, advance the documentary film project, and engage in activities promoting the historical understanding of the Assam Agitation.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 6.47 crore to this department.

    Indigenous and Tribal Faith and Culture Department –

    “Preserving culture & traditions”

    • In the financial year 2023-24, the Indigenous & Tribal Faith & Culture Department made significant strides in the preservation and promotion of Assam’s cultural diversity. Grants-in-Aid were disbursed to 18 organizations and over 70 Places of Worship, a testament to the commitment to safeguarding indigenous and tribal traditions.
    • Initiatives like the ‘Inter Community Relationship and Mutual Respect’ event strengthened cultural bonds and promoted understanding. The Directorate of Archaeology achieved milestones in conserving more than 150 Archaeological Sites and Monuments, submitting a Nomination Dossier to UNESCO and participating in global forums. ‘World Heritage Week- 2023’ and the ‘World Heritage Panel Dedicated Meeting’ underscored Assam’s dedication to global cultural heritage.
      • Now, the department aims to build upon the achievements of the past year. Continued support

    through Grants-in-Aid to cultural organizations and places of worship remains a priority. Ongoing efforts in the conservation and development of archaeological sites and monuments will persist, with an emphasis on expanding tourist spots.

    • Initiatives like setting up a second campus for the Assam State Museum and furthering digital initiatives, including digital ticketing and archives, aim to enhance accessibility and modernize cultural resources. Construction projects for new museums and collaborations with educational institutions will contribute to the continued preservation and promotion of Assam’s rich cultural heritage.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 78.31 crore to this department.

    Industries,       Commerce       and      Public       Enterprises Department – “Creating an ecosystem for investment”

    • The Chief Minister’s Atmanirbhar Assam Abhijan, the Global Investment Summit (Assam) in November 2024, aiming to attract major investments and promote Assam as an investment hub, customized incentives under Industrial Investment Policy of Assam and Assam Electronics (Semiconductor etc) policy, the Assam Credit Guarantee to Micro & Small Enterprises Scheme, Startup Venture Fund and the promotion of small tea growers, are some of the highlights of the Department in financial year 2024-

    25. I have already dwelled on some Flagship programmes of the Department.

    • I hereby propose to allocate a total of Rs. 1667.56 crore to this department

    Information, Public Relations, Printing and Stationery Department – “Bridging the gap, connecting people”

    • Speaker Sir, the Journalists’ Medical Welfare Scheme provided financial aid to over 40 journalists, totaling about 15 lakhs. Press tours effectively covered events like Madhavpur Ghed Fair and showcased the government’s achievements in Chennai and Vellore. The monthly e-Newsletter “Asom Barta” engaged over 4 million subscribers. Publications, including “Mukhamantrir Boktrita Sankalon,” commemorated state awards and governance milestones. Regional printing needs were addressed with a new branch of the Assam Govt. Press in Lakhimpur
    • Looking forward, the Department aims to expand outreach initiatives, maintain online presence through “Asom Barta,” and provide continued financial aid for journalists’ medical treatments. Press tours will cover significant events, and construction projects for the Assam Govt. Branch Press in Titabor will be completed to enhance printing capacity and serve the north upper Assam region effectively.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 174.82 crore to this department.

    Information Technology Department – “Technology for better Assam”

    • In the financial year 2023-24, the Information Technology Department spearheaded the digitization of historical documents, including the “Xasipaat Puthi,” manuscripts, and “Tamra Patra” from the “Satras” and other historical places of Assam. The Bardowa Satra, along with other Satras in Majuli, has been included in the digitization process, with 615 manuscripts (comprising more than 24,000 pages) from Bardowa Satra already digitized. A Digital Archive is being created, and a portal for the display of the manuscripts is under development and testing. Furthermore, AMTRON established a 5G Experience Center at Tech City, Guwahati.
    • For the upcoming financial year 2024-25, the department is focused on enhancing connectivity and internet speed in educational institutions through the Assam Knowledge Network (AKN), mirroring the National Knowledge Network (NKN). The AKN will feature a 100 Gbps ring backbone, ensuring a minimum of 1GB/100 Mbps assured bandwidth for end users. Government offices will also be integrated into this network, fostering seamless communication. The department also plans to establish a new International Internet Gateway (IIG) to address the growing demand for bandwidth in the North-eastern region.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 106.23 crore to this department.

    Irrigation Department – “Saving Parched Soil”

    • In financial year 2023-24, the Irrigation Department achieved notable success in the Minor and Micro Irrigation sector with the implementation of nine PMKSY-HKKP-SMI schemes, amounting to over Rs. 300 crore. Additionally, ongoing efforts included the execution of 54 numbers of RIDF-XXIX funded schemes.
    • The introduction of the Integrated Irrigation Project Planning & Monitoring System (IIPPMS) and the LiDAR survey underscored the department’s dedication to improving planning processes and establishing a data bank for sustainable resource management.
      • Moving forward, the department is planning to implement over 20 schemes with a budget of about 750 crore and active implementation of 54 ongoing RIDF-XXIX funded schemes amounting to about Rs. 70 crore. Further, Assam is set to launch three Brahmaputra and two Barak Valley projects targeting a potential of over 56,000 Ha with continued focus on surface minor irrigation, tubewell, hybrid schemes, and projects under SOPD, RIDF, PMKSY-AIBP, etc.
    • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 1162.76 crore to this department.

    Judicial    Department    –    “Upholding    rights,    ensuring justice for all”

    • Speaker Sir, it is said that “Justice delayed is justice denied”. To ensure that no citizen of our state is denied access to the rule of Law, the Judicial Department facilitates administration of justice that ensure easy access and timely delivery of justice to the litigants in Assam.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 815.62 crore to this department.

    Labour Welfare Department – “A smile on worker’s face”

    • This department successfully automated 16 services, streamlining processes. Recognizing the department’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ efforts, the Labour Commissioner and team received the prestigious KARMASHREE Award 2023. An impactful “Action Month” led to the rescue of over 70 child/adolescent laborers, with 28 FIRs filed against defaulting employers. The introduction of the E- Registration module strengthened the registration of construction workers. The registration of more than 400 new factories brought over 16000 workers under statutory protection, while ESI and PF schemes benefited thousands.
    • Now, the Department aims to further digitize processes, leveraging technology for efficient service delivery. Continuous efforts in child labor eradication, welfare disbursement through DBT, and online cess collection will persist. Collaboration with the State Health Agency for medical assistance under Ayushman Bharat remains a priority. Registration of new factories will continue to ensure statutory protection for workers. The focus on ESI and PF schemes aims to enroll more members and provide essential benefits.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 102.64 crore to this department.

    Legislative Department – “The heart of democracy”

    • The Legislative Department exhibited a legislative activity, contributing significantly to the legal

    framework of the state. In the year 2023, the Department accomplished the creation of 8 new legislations, amending 28 existing laws, and repealing 11 statutes. Additionally, 8 ordinances were promulgated in response to needs identified by various Administrative Departments.

    • This year, the Department aims to continue responding to emerging needs by enacting new laws, amending existing ones for relevance, and repealing outdated statutes.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 22.57 crore to this department.

    Medical Education and Research  Department     –

    “Knowledge is the best medicine”

    • The Medical Education and Research Department made substantial progress by inaugurating the first All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Kamrup and establishing three new medical colleges. Externally aided projects, such as the Assam Health System Strengthening Project and the Assam State Secondary Healthcare Initiative focus on constructing specialized wings, district hospitals, and improving hospital management systems.
      • During the current year, the department aims to introduce In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) centers in Dibrugarh and Silchar, Medical Colleges, B. Pharm. course in Silchar and Guwahati Medical Colleges and introducing Graduate courses in Allied Health Sciences in Guwahati, further strengthening the healthcare education system.
    • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 2647.28 crore to this department.

    Mines and Minerals Department – “Unlocking natural resources”

    • This department unearths Assam’s hidden treasures, exploring and managing valuable minerals and groundwater resources throughout the state. The Department collected over Rs. 3000 crore up to January 2024. A historic milestone was reached with the discovery of crude oil and natural gas potential in the Northern bank of Brahmaputra, Lower Assam, and Dima-Hasao district, broadening the scope of exploration beyond conventional regions
    • Execution of mining lease deeds for major minerals like sillimanite, Quartzite, China Clay and limestone in Karbi Anglong, Dima Hasao, and Golaghat districts demonstrated the department’s commitment to responsible and diversified resource utilization. Successful auctions added substantial value, amounting to over Rs. 40 crore.
    • Ongoing national-level auctions for major minerals like limestone in Dima Hasao and iron ore in Dhubri district and auctions for minor minerals like Granite, glass-sand, and sandstone are poised to contribute significantly, with an estimated additional annual contribution of about Rs. 1000 crore to the State exchequer.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 24.90 crore to this department.

    Panchayat  and  Rural Development  Department     –

    “Empowering Rural Communities”

    • Under the 15th Finance Commission Grant, Assam’s PRIs have been allocated Rs. 7,857 crore, with Rs. 4,638.5 crore received and Rs. 2,070.53 crore utilized for various schemes.
    • MGNREGA played a vital role by achieving about 95% of its target, creating about 8 crore mandays.
    • The wage increased from Rs. 229/- to Rs. 238/- per day, with more than Rs. 2000 crore already spent till December 2023.
      • I therefore allocate an amount of Rs. 8402.58 crore to this department.

    Parliamentary Affairs Department –“Supporting Loktantra”

    • This department acts as the bridge between the executive and legislature. In the financial year 2023- 24, the Parliamentary Affairs Department achieved a significant milestone, specifically focusing on the organization of Youth Parliaments at the district level.
    • The department aims to continue the momentum generated in the previous year. The central focus remains on the implementation of Youth Parliaments at the district level, promoting civic engagement among the youth.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 1.40 crore to this department.

    Personnel Department – “Empowering people who drive it”

    • The Personnel Department’s notable achievements include introduction of the Assam Mobility of Employees Act, 2023 for the optimal utilization of manpower by deployment of government employees to other establishments and empanelment of retired officers as Inquiry Officers ,and Inclusivity measures like extension of 3% reservation to the Tea Tribes and Adivasi communities within the Other Backward Classes quota and reservation of Specific posts in the Assam Civil Services and Assam Police Services cadres for the Moran and Matak communities in the APSC Combined Competitive Examinations.
    • 235 vacant posts has been announced in ACS (Junior Grade) and Allied Services for the next Combined Competitive Examination and recruitments planned for over 7000 Class III and 5000 Class IV posts, the Department is actively addressing staffing needs across various government establishments in Assam.
      • I allocate an amount of Rs. 41.17 crore to this department.

    Power Department  – “Keeping your  lights  shining bright”

    • Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) has electrified 26,235 revenue villages in Assam, thereby providing electricity to 37,53,784 households. Over 11 lakh Smart Prepaid Meters have been installed, enhancing transparency in meter reading and billing processes and improving cost efficiency.
    • Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited (AEGCL) is implementing the Assam Intra State Transmission System Enhancement Project with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to enhance state’s load handling capacity to 4272 MW, and transmission losses below 3%.
      • Assam Power Generation Corporation Limited (APGCL) has collaborated with OIL to establish 620 MW of Renewable energy projects in Assam. The inaugural project, Namrup Solar, with a capacity of 25 MW, is to be completed within the F.Y 2024-25, with an allocation of Rs. 49.00 crore. The Karbi Langpi Middle-II Hydro Power Project in the West Karbi Anglong district has been approved by the Hon’ble Cabinet of Assam in October 2023 at a cost of Rs.

    417.32 crore.

    • APDCL also remains steadfast to develop 2000 MW renewable energy projects,1000 MW Solar Power Plants under Mukhya Mantri Sauro Shakti Prokolpo and 320 MW Solar Power Projects under Build Own Operate mode in Assam.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 2620.45 crore to this department.

    Public Health Engineering Department – “Ghore Ghore Pani”

    • In 2023-24, Assam has made significant progress towards providing clean drinking water. By January 2024, over 77.5% of rural households (1.8 crore) benefitted from Functional Household Tap Connections (FHTCs), surpassing the annual target. Construction of new piped water supply schemes is underway, aiming to achieve 100% FHTC coverage by next year. The department efficiently utilized central and state funds for both water and sanitation initiatives. Over Rs. 5847 crore was spent on water projects, exceeding the target.
    • Under Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), over 3 lakh latrines are planned for newly emerging households in 2024-25, leveraging Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). All villages will have Solid and Liquid Waste Management facilities. Construction of 35 Fecal Sludge Treatment Plants is proposed to enhance sanitation in peri-urban areas.
    • In 2024-25, the focus will be on achieving complete FHTC coverage and strengthening sanitation infrastructure. Mobile toilets for tea gardens and additional waste management facilities are also planned.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 2180.79 crore to this department.
    Public     Works     Buildingand     NationalHighways
    Department     –    “Building future”infrastructurefor    better
    • In the financial year 2023-24, the Public Works Development (Building & NH) Department accomplished significant milestones across various sectors. The government initiated the construction of two medical colleges in Sivasagar and Karimganj, focusing on enhancing healthcare infrastructure. Additionally, the department took steps to improve nursing education by constructing nine new nursing colleges in different locations. Department is also completing upgradation of eight colleges to universities and building 100 model tea garden High schools. Noteworthy cultural projects, such as the inauguration of Sri Sri Madhavdev Kalakshetra and the development of Batadrava Than as a cultural and tourist destination, were successfully undertaken.
    • The Department has initiated action to construct 500 Mahaprabhu Jagannath Community Hall cum Skill Centers and initiating the relocation of jails in Dibrugarh, Cachar, Tezpur, and Jorhat. Major budget announcements target the health sector, with plans for two new dental colleges and the upgradation of existing medical colleges and hospitals. Administrative and cultural projects, such as the beautification of Janata Bhawan and Circuit Houses, remain on the agenda.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 3943.93 crore to this department.

    The Public Works Roads Department – “Last mile connectivity”

    • The Public Works (Roads) Department made significant strides in the previous year, completing crucial infrastructure projects. Flyovers at Maligaon (Nilachal) and R.G. Baruah Road (Shradhanjali) were successfully completed, alleviating traffic concerns. The announcement of the flagship program “Mukhya Mantri Nagariya Path Pokikaran Achoni” during the Assam Budget 2023-24 showcased the Government’s commitment to urban road development. The department sanctioned the construction and improvement of over 1100 km of roads and about 32 RCC bridges under “Mukhya Mantrir Unnoto Pakipath Achani” for the financial year 2023-24. Projects like the flyover construction from Diphu stadium to Diphu Head post office and the Assam Bridge Project connecting Guwahati and North Guwahati witnessed noteworthy progress, with 74% completion.
    • The focus for financial year 2024-25 includes projects to enhance the state’s road infrastructure. The Assam Road Network Master Plan has received approval from the State Cabinet, signaling a strategic approach to road development.
    • Notable projects proposed and undertaken for the future include four-lane elevated roads, flyovers at key junctions, and the construction of elevated roads to address specific needs like the elephant corridor locations near Deepor beel.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 8997.56 crore to this department.

    Revenue and Disaster Management Department – “Matir Odhikaar, Sundor Bhobisyotor Aadhaar”

    • This Department achieved significant milestones in the financial year 2023-24, focusing on land settlement and related services. Notably, land totaling over 2,00,000 bighas in Brahmaputra Valley and about 1,100 bighas in Barak Valley was approved for settlement. The department also made progress in the Survey and offering of Settlement in non-cadastral villages under SVAMITVA, completing drone flying in more than 800 villages and detailed surveys in about 200 villages.
    • The focus for financial year 2024-25 includes the full implementation of e-Stamp, where the government transitioned to 100% e-Stamp, replacing physical Non-Judicial Stamp Papers. Land has been allotted for various vital institutions, including the National Forensic Science University, Assam, ICAI, Judges Guest House at Kaziranga, and others. Amendments to Rule-26 of the ALRR, 1886, were made, rendering settlement holders ineligible for further settlement of government lands in cases of transfer within 15 years from the date of settlement.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 2678.67 crore to this department.

    Science, Technology and Climate Change Department –

    “Putting knowledge to work”

    • This department has signed a Memorandum of Transfer with ISRO, Department of Space, and APGCL, allocating 200 bighas of land at Chandrapur, Kamrup (M) District for the Network for Space Object Tracking and Analysis (NETRA) Project showcasing Assam’s commitment to space technology. We will introduce Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for the State in line with National STI policy.
      • 17 district science centers are being established, over and above existing planetariums in Guwahati, Jorhat, Kokrajhar, Nalbari, and Lakhimpur set to become science hubs. They will promote science and technology among people in collaboration with the 219 Aryabhata Science Centre and other institutions. Jorhat Science Centre and Planetarium will be the pilot model taken up this year.
    • The Biotechnology Policy for the State of Assam (2022-2027) will be implemented with adequate budget allocation to support start-ups., Business Enterprise Zone (BEZ) at Guwahati Biotech Park at Amingaon, is allocated a budget of Rs. 29.48 crore.
      • Chief Minister’s Bigyan Pratibha Sandhan is being implemented to provide mentorship to meritorious students of class XI through premier national institutes such as IIT, Guwahati and IISc, Bangalore. National Children’s Science Congress, aimed at providing a forum to children to pursue their natural curiosity and quench their thirst for creativity will be taken up with Rs.45 lakh allocation in financial year 2024-25. Green Innovation Fund announced in the budget of 2023-24 is being implemented with adequate funding for promoting R&D grants and incubation programs in sustainable green technologies.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 115.60 crore to this department.

    School Education Department – “No child left behind”

    • The Department of School Education introduced the ULLAS New India Literacy five year Programme to showcase the Government’s commitment to adult education. The construction of 10 B.Ed. Colleges, completion of several Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas, and the establishment of more than 110 Model High Schools in tea garden areas marked substantial progress. Notably, the state saw the functionalization of 18 new Adarsha Vidyalayas, bringing the total to 56.
    • Further, the department has ambitious plans for the current year which include infrastructure development providing provision of over 69,000 pairs of desks and benches to more than 4,000 elementary schools. A significant focus is on classroom construction, with about 11,000 classrooms, science laboratories, computer rooms, and libraries being built. The state aims to continue the success of schemes like Nipun Axom Mission, which focuses on foundational literacy and numeracy for learners in class I-III. The government is actively involved in teacher training, including programs conducted by institutions like IIT, Guwahati, Tezpur University, and NIT, Silchar.
    • Assam is committed to technology integration in education, with ICT labs, SMART classrooms, and tele-education initiatives reaching thousands of schools. Vocational education is expanding to cover more schools, targeting over one lakh students. The state also emphasizes holistic development, including mental health programs like PROJECT CHILD in Adarsha Vidyalayas and self-defense programs for girls in over 13,000 schools. Special attention is given to the underprivileged, with the launch of the PM- SHRI scheme in more than 200 schools.
      • Further, the department has enrolled over 59,000 children with special needs in elementary and secondary education. Other initiatives include the distribution of free bicycles to Class IX students, providing free textbooks to over 12 lakh students, and waiving admission fees for H.S. 1st Year & 2nd Year in government schools. The state also acknowledges academic achievements, with over 27,000 students receiving the Anundoram Borooah Cash Award for securing 75% and above marks in the HSLC Examination. The department’s efforts extend to the tea garden community, with the provincialization of over 400 Tea Garden Managed LP Schools.
    • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 16658.29 crore to this department.

    Skill, Employment and Entrepreneurship Department –

    “Skilling for Employment”

    • An MoU has been signed with Larsen & Toubro for conducting training sessions with State-of-Art Technology in demand driven trades like Construction Skills. A scholarship provision has been introduced for students joining newly established ITIs in Assam. A stipend of Rs. 94.5 Lakhs has been allocated for trainees in private ITIs and those under Public Private Partnership mode, benefiting 943 trainees this year. Further with introduction of reserved seats for Moran, Matok Ti-Ahom, Chutia, Koch Rajbongshi, TGL & Ex. TGL communities under the OBC/MOBC categories for ITI admissions, inclusivity is the mantra.
    • Looking forward in the financial year 2024-25, the department has envisaged at least one ITI in every block of the state by 2026. The Assam Skill University (ASU), the first of its kind in the eastern part of the country, shall be made operational by 2025, enrolling approximately 1500 students.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 354.23 crore to this department.

    Social Justice and Empowerment Department     –

    “Eliminating poverty and inequality”

    • Notable achievements of this Department in Financial Year 23-24 include initiation of the Deendayal Divyangjan   Punarsansthapan  Scheme, implementation of the Unique Disability ID Project, and the establishment of a shelter home for homeless transgender persons. Financial incentives, scholarships, and support for candidates clearing UPSC/APSC examinations are among the department’s successful endeavors.
    • During the current year, the objectives for the department are focused on Infrastructural development schemes, such as the construction of Mini Outdoor Stadiums, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Bhawans, and other community facilities, empowerment of Safai Karamcharies & Manual Scavengers through income- generating schemes and skill development initiatives. Financial incentives and scholarships for SC and OBC students based on academic performance remain a priority.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 439.72 crore to this department.

    Soil Conservation Department – “Saving the soil for generations to come”

    • The Building & Approach Road project aimed at constructing new departmental buildings for improved working conditions. The Protection of Riverine Land project addressed stream bank erosion issues through installation of Boulder Gabion Spurs. Gully Control Projects, with Rs. 400 lakh allocation, attempted to protect cultivable land from gully erosion. Protective Afforestation, with Rs. 160 lakh allocation, focused on planting trees along riverbanks to prevent soil erosion. Additionally, over Rs. 4000 lakhs under the RIDF scheme funded Soil & Water Conservation Works to prevent soil loss and increase agricultural productivity.
    • In this year, the department has outlined strategic objectives of Nature Conservation, Building & Approach Road, Protection of Riverine Land, Protective Afforestation, Wetland Development, Gully Control Project, Disaster Risk Reduction, Land Development Project, Reclamation & Water Distribution and Flood Damage Restoration.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 274.58 crore to this department.

    Sports and Youth Affairs Department – “Scouting talent, finding Champions”

    • The Sports & Youth Affairs Department’s achievements in the last financial year 2023-24 includes construction of the Multi-Disciplinary Sports Complex at Khanikar in Dibrugarh District reached 83% completion, featuring a Main Stadium, Indoor Stadium, and more. Assam State Youth Commission coaching centers in Dibrugarh and Tezpur, along with plans for five new centers, contribute to youth development. High-performance sports training centers in Guwahati and Jorhat aim to maximize athlete potential. Ongoing projects include sports infrastructure development in districts and LACs.
    • Now, the department aims to complete on-going infrastructure projects, expand coaching centers, and organize sports events. The focus is on holistic development, talent promotion, and creating an enabling environment for sports enthusiasts in Assam.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 210.32 crore to this department.

    Tea Tribes and Adivasi Welfare Department –

    “Strength in diversity”

    • The department achieved significant milestones in various initiatives that helped in uplifting of educational, cultural, and health aspects of the Tea Tribes and Adivasi communities in Assam. Approximately 65,000 applications were received through the SIRISH online portal for Financial Assistance / Scholarships, reflecting the significant impact of financial assistance on educational pursuits. Also, new hostels for Tea Tribes boys and girls were constructed, along with repair and maintenance of existing hostels (43 hostels). With an Administrative Approval (AA) of over 750 crore for the construction of 500 Jagannath Community Hall-cum-Skill Centres, tender processes were initiated for over 300 centres and work orders were issued for more than 40 centres to skill the youth in tea gardens and create community-centric spaces. The department sanctioned Rs. 102.51 crore to APDC recognizing the heavy burden imposed by commercial electricity rates on Tea Garden workers.
    • The department has outlined strategic objectives for continuing coaching programs, complete the Mahaprabhu Jagannath Community Hall-cum-Skill Centre project, cultural preservation through the Assam Chah Janagustiya Samannay Kalakshetra and providing continued financial assistance and scholarships to students and patients. Additionally, plans include the construction of new hostels and promotion of sports and youth welfare activities.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 305.45 crore to this department.

    Tourism Department – “One horn, many memories”

    • The Tourism Department accomplished several key initiatives in the financial year 2023-24. The implementation of Swadesh Darshan 2.0 commenced in Jorhat and Kokrajhar, aiming to enhance tourism infrastructure. Under the ‘Promotion and Development of Tea Tourism Infrastructure in Assam,’ 22 tea gardens received sanction letters in Phase-I, and Phase-II tender processes were completed.
      • The Amar Alohi Rural Homestay Scheme successfully established 63 homestay facilities across the state, creating self-employment opportunities in rural areas. The UTTORON scheme witnessed substantial progress, with over 80% completion for the Heritage site at Gupteswar, 90% for the Tea Tourism Hub at Tocklai, Jorhat, and 40% for the Maa Chandika Devalaya/Chand Sadagar Mergharat Chaygaon. Additionally, the construction of Jungal Balahu Khetra at Raha, Nagaon, supported by NIDA, highlighted the tourism potential of the site.
    • Looking forward, the department aims to further enhance tourist infrastructure and attractions in Assam. Projects such as the Modern Yatri Niwasat Amingaon for medical tourism facilities, development of Saraighat Lake, and the upgradation of Tourist facilities at Kaziranga will take center stage. The department’s strategic partnerships with Hyatt Group, TATA group, and Ease My Trip signify a commitment to elevate hospitality, promote Tea Tourism, and streamline online booking systems. The ongoing efforts to operationalize air flights and establish a Skill Development Centre underscore the department’s dedication to promoting tourism growth in Assam.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 100.86 crore to this department.

    Transformation and Development Department     –

    “Fulcrum for Development”

    • This Department accomplishments in the financial year 2023-24 include implementation of MLA Area Development, Axom Adarxo Gram Yojana, and Asom Darshan primarily. The department actively embraced Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), introducing comprehensive indicator frameworks. A series of impactful projects got unfolded under PM-DevINE, NESIDS (Roads), and NESIDS (OTRI), emphasizing education, healthcare, and infrastructure. Notable initiatives, such as school transformations, road upgrades, and cultural preservation, received due attention, reflecting a commitment to holistic development.
    • The department aims to sustain this momentum. PM- DevINE projects will be taken towards its completion, shaping educational landscapes and enhancing connectivity. NESIDS endeavors will continue, promising advancements in school infrastructure and waste management. The Aspirational District Program will be implemented with much more vigour. With assessing economic health of the State through GSDP, the department envisions substantial growth, indicative of a vibrant and resilient economy of Assam.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 509.19 crore to this department.

    Transport Department – “Smooth sailing”

    • In the last financial year, the Transport Department showcased remarkable achievements by consistently contributing substantial revenue – over Rs. 1300 crore. The initiation of cashless transactions and the launch of 50 contactless services significantly saved man-days and contributed to an estimated economic saving of Rs. 400 crore. The new Vehicle Scrappage Policy, Green Tax, Fitness Fine Reduction, Motor Vehicle Tax settlement and incentives for electric vehicles demonstrated a commitment to environmental goals and ensure that only fit vehicles ply on roads The Directorate of Inland Water Transport, with 98 lakh annual passengers and initiatives like the riverine-based Religious Circuit aims to upgrade infrastructure, increase vessels and foster river tourism through the Assam Inland Water Corporation Limited.
    • Looking forward, the department aims for sustainable transport, infrastructure upgrades, and the continued implementation of innovative solutions.
      • I allocate an amount of Rs. 623.05 crore to this department.

    Tribal Affairs (Plain) Department – “Breaking barriers”

    • This department has provided financial assistance for APSC and UPSC mains exams to aspirants. Over Rs. 9300 lakh has also been provided in post matric-scholarship, which has benefitted over 90000 ST students. Construction is underway for five Ekalavya Model Residential Schools in Baksa, Barpeta, Kokrajhar, Karbi Anglong, and Dima Hasao districts. Around Rs. 170 crore was sanctioned under Pradhan Mantri Adi Adarsh Gram Yojana to transform more than 800 tribal villages into model villages. The Pradhan Mantri Janajatiya Vikash Mission (PMJVM) supported more than 1500 Self- Help Groups (SHGs) in various income-generating activities. Thirty-four ambulances were distributed for community service, and over Rs. 19 crore was sanctioned to provide Tablet PCs with course materials to more than 600 ST students. We will continue our efforts for wellbeing of these Plain tribes this year too, with more vigour.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 646.08 crore to this department.

    Water Resource Department – “Taming the rivers”

    • In the last financial year 2023-24, accomplishments of this department include construction of over 25 Km of

    embankment, 54 erosion protection works covering about 50 Km of protection reach, 1 sluice, and the raising & strengthening of existing dykes spanning 56 Km. The department has initiated work on Phase I of the World Bank-funded project “Assam Integrated River Basin Management Programme (AIRBMP)- I,” with a project cost of about Rs. 1100 crore The primary focus is on comprehensive flood management schemes at Buridehing river and Manas Beki River.

    • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 2040.59 crore to this department.

    Welfare of Bodoland  Department – “Respecting Autonomy”

    • Under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY- III), the department has constructed about 130 km of roads. Additionally, Mukhya Mantrir Path Nabikaran Nirman Achani (MMPNA) saw over 30 ongoing schemes with a total length of about 160 km, and two schemes of about 12 km were completed. A Railway Over Bridge (ROB) at Basugaon town was successfully completed, replacing railway gate no. NN-146 under a 50:50 cost-sharing basis. Road construction under SOPD (BTC) and Assam State Goodwill Mission Project achieved about 180 km and over 500 km, respectively. The retrofitting of existing Piped Water Supply Schemes (PWSS) covered over 1100 schemes, benefiting more than 18,000 households under the Jal Jeevan Mission. Urban Development efforts included completing more than 6,000 houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban in BTR. The ongoing flagship missions include

    Bodoland Pig Mission, SEED Mission, and Mission Bwiswmuthi. These initiatives focus on pig farming, skill development, and digitization of land records.

    • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 3782.59 crore to this department.

    Welfare of Minorities and Development Department –

    “Inclusive Development”

    • In the last financial year, the Department focused on economic upliftment and infrastructure development for minority communities. The department-initiated Self-Employment and Infrastructure Development Schemes for the fiscal year 2023-24, encompassing projects like e-Rickshaws, Hand Sprayer Machines, Sewing Machines, and Community Hall Construction.
      • A noteworthy development was the cabinet’s approval for the Socio-Economic Assessment of indigenous Assamese Muslims, entrusted to the newly named Directorate of Minority Affairs and Char Areas. Further, the identification and development of specific indigenous Assamese Muslim communities, including Goriya, Moriya, Deshi, Jolha, and Syed, received cabinet approval. This initiative encompasses within itself diverse areas such as health care, financial inclusion, education, population stabilization, skill development, women empowerment, and cultural preservation, as indicated in the issued notification. Infrastructure projects, including 15 Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and 46 Sadbhav Mandaps, showcased tangible progress, with 9 ITIs and 15 Sadbhav Mandaps already completed and operational.
    • Schemes for welfare of Minorities will continue this year too and I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 91.67 crore to this department.

    Women and Child Development Department – “All round development for Women and Children”

    • The Department successfully operated 61,000 Anganwadi Centres providing essential services to over 37,00,000 beneficiaries. Further, the government sanctioned over 4000 new Model AWCs. By the end of the reporting period, about 1000 Model AWCs had been successfully constructed with construction of about 3000 AWCs in progress. The introduction of Terminal Benefits for Anganwadi Workers and Helpers showcased the government’s commitment to their welfare. The provision of over Rs. 9 lakhs for Anganwadi Workers and Anganwadi Helpers upon reaching the age of 60, benefited more than 3391 Anganwadi Workers and Anganwadi Helpers during 2023.
    • Looking forward, the department is focused on implementing schemes for Adolescent Girls, Shakti Sadan (Ujjawala & Swadher Greh), Sakhi Niwas (Working Women Hostel), and Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana.
      • I hereby propose to allocate Rs. 3838.21 crore to this department


    Speaker Sir, it is my proud privilege to inform that there has been considerable increase in Revenue receipts to Government in last three years.

    With profound satisfaction, I wish to inform the House that there has been a growth of 30.7% in State’s Own Revenue in 2022-23 compared to 2021-22. This kind of phenomenal growth is unprecedented and has been possible due to slew of reforms across all revenue earning departments. At every stage of this journey, the guidance and leadership provided by our Honourable Chief Minister has been exemplary.

    This growth in revenue is reflected in all segments like Taxation, Excise, Forest, Land Revenue, Transport etc. It is pertinent to mention some of the achievements and initiatives that we propose for the upcoming year:

    Commercial Tax.

    • There is mop up of Rs.19,715 crore in FY 2022-23 under Finance (Taxation) Department, exceeding the previous year receipt by 21%. Assam is among the top few states in the country with highest growth in GST collection. GST and non-GST collection till 31stJanuary 2024 is Rs.18,474 crore against Rs.16,240 crore collection for the corresponding period during financial year 2022-23, registering a growth of 14%. Next year, we will strive for a growth of 16%.
    • With help from IIT Hyderabad, Data Analytics capabilities are being developed in Commissionerate of Taxes to check tax evasion.
      • To support the Tea industry, an exemption from income tax was extended for three years. Additionally, generation of renewable captive power plant received a three-year exemption from electricity duty till FY 2025-26. I would like to continue these exemptions till 2025-26 without any change.


    • Excise Department, through set of reforms andeffective regulation generated impressive revenue of Rs.2527 crore in 2022-2023. This department has been able to collect Rs.2459 crore till 31stJanuary, 2024, against Rs.2008 crore for the corresponding period during 2022-23, registering an impressive growth of over 22%.
    • A major highlight of the year was the department’s extensive crackdown on illicit activities with more than 13,000 illicit liquor cases registered and 3,000 arrests made.
      • Our government is committed to have transparent process of selection of licensee and implementation of the ‘track & trace’ initiative for monitoring of leakagesthroughout the supply chain.

    Mines and Minerals Department

    • In 2023-24, the Mines & Minerals Department achieved royalty collection of over Rs.3000 crore till 31stJanuary      2024,      showcasing      a      strong

    performance. The department was able to mop up Rs.4119 crore during the FY 2022-23 with an impressive growth of 64% over previous year.

    • It is noticed that there is no fool-proof mechanism to realize the arrears from the defaulting agencies/persons. We will come up with a new legislation with stringent provisions to realize the arrears promptly so that the department can add to its revenue collection.
      • Sir, you will be happy to know that crude oil and natural gas potential in the Northern bank of Brahmaputra, Lower Assam, and Dima-Hasao district, has been discovered broadening the scope of exploration beyond conventional regions.

    Revenue and Disaster Management Department.

    • The department’s collection of revenue in recent years from registration fee, stamp duty and land revenue has been increasing impressively with slew of measures. The department’s collection has gone up from Rs.624.34 crore in FY 2021-22 to Rs.1008.72 crore in 2022-23 and Rs.895 crore till 31st January in FY2023-24.
    • Mission Basundhara 2.0 helped according digitalized land rights to over 2.29 lakh applicants and 84% of which belong to marginalized indigenous groups e.g. Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, OBC and MOBC of the society.
      • With success of the first two iterations of the Mission, now my Government is contemplating to

    launch   next   generation   services    under   Mission Basundhara 3.0. with following key components:

    1. Linking of land revenue with zonal value in urban areas to start with.
    2. Rationalizing stamp duty and registration fees on agreement of sale and power of attorney instruments equal to 10% of conveyance deed.
    3. Resolution of the vexed issue of transfer of Tea Grant lands for non Tea usage by giving one time opportunity to small land owners to regularize such lands. After mission period owning such land for non allowable usage will be a criminal offence.
    4. Facilitating digital delivery of geo-spatial maps of the land parcels to move towards conclusive land titles.
    5. Mission mode campaign for collection of land revenue arrears.
    6. There is surplus land of religious institutions which is not in active use by these institutions. Some of these lands are under the possession of indigenous people. During Mission Basundhara 2.0, we could not settle these lands with these indigenous people due to existing legislation. Now, we propose to settle such surplus land in possession of eligible indigenous families under Mission Basundhara 3.0.
    7. With a view to integrate all land governance agencies with land records database, asuitable

    mechanism     will     be     developedfor     greater synergy among various agencies.

    Transport Department

    • The departments collection has seen an uptick from Rs.1022 crore in FY 2021-22, to Rs 1361 crore in FY 2022-23 and Rs 1374 crore till 31stJanuary FY 2023-24.
    • The new Vehicle Scrappage Policy, Green Tax, Fitness Fine Reduction, Motor Vehicle Tax settlement and incentives for electric vehicles demonstrated a commitment to environmental goals and ensure that only fit vehicles ply on roads.
    • To do away with the scope of human intervention in the process of issuance of Driving Licenses and to ensure scientific training and testing of driving skills, it is proposed to set up one Accredited Driver Training Centre (ADTC) with automated driving testing tracks (ADTT) having facility for real time monitoring and evaluation with video analytics in all districts of the State in PPP mode.
      • Further,126 Driving Training Schools will be set up in theState so that each LAC has one such school. They will be affiliated to the ADTCs. All ADTCs are empowered to issue driving licenses on behalf of the state Government. A Regulatory Authority will be set up which shall issue licenses to the ADTCs. The Authority will take action against the defaulting ADTCs if they violate the conditions. The Authority shall also have the powers to revoke the license and initiate penal action.
    • Requirement for mandatory test of competence to drive a vehicle to get a driving licence shall be exempted on completion of full time training course at those ADTCs by the driving license aspirants.

    Environment and Forest Department

    • Speaker Sir, the department has been contributing substantial revenue over last few years. The revenue trend in last few years has been increasing. The departments collection is Rs. 391.98 crore in2021-22, Rs. 451.50 crore in 2022-23 and is Rs.330 crore till 31stJanuary 2023-24.
      • Penal provision for Forest Revenue violations and evasion shall be incorporated in the Assam Minor Mineral Concession Rules 2013 by bringing an amendment in the Rules. Further, provision of geo- fencing of mines, GPS to track the trucks and other electronic controls shall be introduced in selected mines. The Forest Department would ensure that only designated vehicles which shall carry prominent identification alone shall be allowed to carry minor minerals and their routes shall be fixed. This is expected to check evasion.

    Hon’ble Speaker Sir, from the above, it is clear that we are not imposing any burden of additional tax on the people of Assam in the current budget.

    Speaker Sir, now, I present the Budget estimates for the financial year 2024-2025.


    The Budget Estimates of 2024-25 show a receipt of Rs.1,43,605.56 crore under the Consolidated Fund of the State. Out of this, Rs.1,11,943.84 crore is on Revenue Account and the remaining Rs.31,661.73 crore is under Capital Account. I have shown the estimated receipt in the Consolidated Fund from different sources at Table-1. After adding the receipt of Rs.1,44,550.08 crore under Public Account and Rs.2,000.00 crore under Contingency Fund, the aggregate Receipts amount to Rs.2,90,155.65 crore. As against this, total expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of the State in 2024-25 is estimated at Rs.1,43,890.62 crore of which Rs.1,10,091.86 crore is on Revenue Account and Rs.33,798.76 crore is on Capital Account. The estimates of Grant-wise Expenditure from the Consolidated Fund during 2024-25 have been shown in Table- 2. Taking into account, the expenditure of Rs.1,42,670.09 crore under Public Account and Rs.2,000.00 crore under Contingency Fund, the aggregate expenditure for the year is estimated at Rs.2,88,560.71 crore. Thus, estimated transactions during the year will result in an estimated surplus of Rs.1,594.94 crore. This, together with the opening deficit of Rs.2,369.41 crore will lead to a Budget deficit of Rs.774.47 crore at the end of the financial year 2024-25.