Assam BJP MLA hits out at AIUDF’s Badruddin Ajmal on Hindus should marry young like Muslims comment


Assam Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Diganta Kalita on Saturday lashed out at Badruddin Ajmal for his remarks suggesting that Hindus should adopt the “Muslim formula” for marriage and stated that All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Ajmal should go to Bangladesh.

“You are a Muslim and we are Hindus. Do we have to learn from you? It is the country of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. There is no place for Bangladeshis here. We do not have to learn from Muslims,” said Kalita.

“By saying such things, you are putting allegations about your mother and sister. I condemn it and warn you not to do it otherwise go to Bangladesh and do it. Hindus will not accept it. Do not stoop so low for politics and sell your mother and sister. Do not trample upon their dignity,” said the BJP MLA.

The AIDUF chief Badruddin Ajmal had on Friday sparked a controversy by stating that Hindus should adopt the Muslim formula and get their children married at a young age.

“Muslim men marry at the age of 20-22, and Muslim women also marry at 18 after the permissible age by the government. On the other hand, (Hindus) keep one two or three illegal wives before marriage, they don’t give birth to babies, enjoy themselves and save money…,” the AIDUF chief said.

When asked about claims that the Muslim population was increasing the AIDUF chief said, “After the age of 40 they get married under parental pressure… So, how can one expect that they will bear children after 40? If you sow in fertile land then only you can bear good crops. There will then be growth.”

Ajmal said, “They (Hindus) should also follow adopt the formula of Muslims and get their children married at a young age, get them married at the age of 20-22, get the girls married at 18-20 years and then see how many children are born… ”